Jamie Kelso: Instauration, Vol. 1, No. 1

November 30, 2011


Jamie Kelso’s November 30, 2011 radio show travels back in time to 1976. Back in 1976, 35 years ago, a giant in our cause, Wilmot Robertson, was in his prime at age 61. He had just started publishing the first volume of Instauration magazine. An obstectrician named Ron Paul was 41 years old that year, and getting himself elected to his first term in Congress. Completely wet behind the ears, a 28-year-old named Kelso was running for Congress too in 1976. Kelso’s goal was merely to get the John Birch Society-type platform that he espoused printed up in 600,000 copies of the Kansas City Star election guide supplement. 35 years later, the American Third Position party, at our NEW address of, is taking advantage of exactly such opportunities open only to political candidates to get our White common sense message out to large numbers of our countrymen.

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The Stark Truth: Interview with Dylan Hales

November 30, 2011

Dylan Hales

Robert interviews Dylan Hales. Topics include:

  • Definition of “Left conservative“;
  • The phony Left/Right paradigm;
  • Our “crisis of bigness” and the need for decentralization;
  • Economic alternatives such as distributism and mutualism;
  • Building political coalitions and the potential barriers to doing so;
  • The importance of opposing the warfare state;
  • Mideast foreign policy, immigration, race relations, and the police state.

Dylan Hales is a writer from Charleston, SC, who has written for Taki Mag and has been a contributing editor for Young American Revolution. He blogs at the Left Conservative.

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The Mark Weber Report: Ignorance and Arrogance of American Politicians

November 30, 2011

GOP Presidential Candidates Debate National Security Issues In Washington

A striking expression of the corruption of America’s social-political life is the ignorance and arrogance of its prominent politicians. The presidential candidates who addressed a recent “debate” in Washington, DC (with the notable exception of Ron Paul) showed that they lack principle, a coherent worldview, or a reality-based understanding of history. Along with empty “feel good” rhetoric about “American exceptionalism,” they also showed a craven pandering to Jewish-Zionist power. In any healthy and educated society, such individuals would be considered unfit for any position of authority or responsibility.

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