The Fighting Side of Me: Fighting Back

November 29, 2011

David Duke

Paul Fromm:

  • … offers hints for fighting back against bankster arrogance and anti-plastic bag fanatics;
  • … praises author Robert Fulford for his comments that Canada’s multicultural policies enabled the honour killing of four Afghani women in Canada — bad ideas and delusions DO have consequences;
  • … rallies support for David Duke, arrested Nov. 25 in Cologne, and ordered deported from Germany. Protest to the German Embassy [4645 Reservoir Rd NW Washington, DC 20007, U.S.A. (202) 298-4000; you can email but to do so you must go on the embassy Web site];
  • … promotes the Marc Lemire free speech on the Internet case in Canadian Federal Court, Dec. 13-14.

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