Jamie Kelso: Mexicanization At Work

November 28, 2011


“Mexicanization At Work”, the cover story of the February 1996 issue of Instauration is the subject of Jamie Kelso’s November 28, 2011 radio show. The author quotes the fascinating fact that very few ethnic Mexicans resided in the U.S. in 1900: 70,000 in Texas; 14,000 in Arizona; 8,000 in California, 6,000 in New Mexico; and not even 500 ethinc Mexicans in any other state. Far fewer of these ethnic Mexicans were to be found in American States before then.And even these 1900 numbers of Mexicans, as small as they are, were far larger than they had been in earlier years. Texas, for example, with the most Mexican ethnics had had only 12,000 in 1860.

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