Women Without Class

November 26, 2011

By Daniel Sienkiewicz

Woolworth's sign

It was the ultimate Jewish perversion of terms — civil rights, freedom and discrimination — that culminated in the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Even a cursory glance over its statutes reveals obsolescence, disingenuousness and evil.

It does not take so much as a glance at its statutes. One goes into an American institution and reads a sign declaring, “discrimination on the basis of race, creed or gender is prohibited.” Suddenly seeing discrimination rendered pejorative, illegal even, one experiences a vague feeling of dread.

You sense immediately that you are being told not to have eyeballs. You are to be utterly defenseless against biological antagonists, to the destruction of that which is most important.

Even freedom of association, as it does not account for full processual development of those within the class, would not be sufficiently deep by itself, were it allowed. But while that objectivist, rational blindness of “civil rights” was bad enough, Jewish interests perverted its meaning to violate that freedom of association even, with the Civil Rights Act.

Wallace and Katzenbach

Deputy Attorney General Nicholas D. Katzenbach working alongside a Kennedy clan willing to sell out and open its country to catastrophic integration in order to gain power, along with a similarly disposed Lyndon B. Johnson, giving W. Bush a good run for worst president ever, sundry other Jews and objectivist Whites, oversaw departmental operations in desegregating the University of Mississippi in September 1962 and the University of Alabama in June 1963 – where he personally moved Governor Wallace aside to open the door for non-Whites; he also worked with Congress to ensure the passage of the Voting Rights Act and, with significant help from Emmanuel Celler, the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

Waiting at Woolworth's

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 made it unlawful for an employer to “fail or refuse to hire or to discharge any individual, or otherwise to discriminate against any individual with respect to his compensation, terms, conditions or privileges or employment, because of such individual’s race, color, religion, sex, or national origin.”

The ramifications of these prohibitions against discrimination were horrendous.

We have here in culmination, the ultimate in doublespeak terms: “civil rights” equals being told whose babies we have to pay for, with whom we must study (Brown vs. Board of Education), whose children we have to educate (with precious knowledge tortuously acquired), to whom we must rent, to whom we must sell, whom we must hire, and whom we must serve even in our private businesses – and this is called “freedom.”

Woolworth's sit-in counter

The related decision regarding the Woolworth’s Lunch Counter, telling a private business whom they must serve, was always one that caused my mind to glitch, even at a rather young age. M.L. King, with help from Jewish overlords organized Blacks and others, including a few no-class White women, such as Joan Trumpauer Mulholland, to “sit-in” at Woolworth’s and force a legal decision regarding desegregation of its lunch counters. The decision never made sense to me from the moment I heard about it – not in terms of anything that you can call freedom, anyway. Telling Woolworth’s whom they must serve, how, and whom they must hire – that is called “freedom”. It must be the Jewish definition. Yes, freedom marches, the freedom riders, civil rights – of course.

Mulholland and Dr. King

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 banned racial segregation “by businesses offering food, lodging, gasoline, or entertainment to the public.”

This would seem to be a clear violation of freedom, but Jews are skilled at promoting the self-destruction of others. Whites have been high on objectivism, and Blacks are hyper-assertive.

King and Malcolm X

Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X were at the U.S. Capitol on March 26, 1964. Both men had come to hear the Senate debate on the bill. This was the only time the two men ever met.

It is a civil right and its opposite is called illegal discrimination punishable by law. Do not discriminate; do not see the terror you are confronted with; do not see that you are in something like a monkey cage, a planet of the apes (I can tell whether one has or has not been around many Blacks, depending upon their response).


In the article on Kant’s moral system, I mentioned a kind of anguish bordering on torture that I experienced when I was groping after a moral order. That anguish stemmed in large part from America’s rule structure, such as the rules of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, in combination with its demographic make-up. Having experienced more than enough of them through forced bussing to go to school with them, I was largely convinced that I did not want anything to do with Blacks. I assumed in my young age that it would be my prerogative one day, and that sane people would make the same choice. How could I believe that others, women even, could do other after seeing such things?

Riot in Newark

With Blacks rioting in Newark in the summer of 1967, my father’s generation repeating the “greatest generation” mantra ‘you can’t fight City Hall’, the Viet Nam War escalating unintelligibly so that no young person with a penis was immune from the draft, yes, I did have a certain yearning for the San Francisco version of that same summer of ‘67.

Beatle’s guitarist George Harrison did go there but came away with a bad impression of the Be-in. He saw these kids as hideously spotted and vacuum-cleaner faced. Of course, he had taken some bad L.S.D. From our perspective now, it does not seem like such a bad scene, certainly the better option in the tale of two cities, Newark and San Francisco 1967. No wonder I was a bit reluctant to let that go, particularly enchanting it was to me as a child. I was a little disappointed when traditional women and men would say that was “all nonsense” or “the source of our problems”; and I was disconcerted to experience similar antagonism from feminists particularly when the war had ended.

George Harrison - Summer of Love

While the dam had not burst through the 60s, 70s, or even into the early 80s, it was a period of ominous buildup, the implications of the rule structure and demographic make-up were pervasive and auguring catastrophic.

With the Civil Rights Act of 1964, “An employer cannot discriminate against a person because of his interracial association with another, such as by an interracial marriage.”

Newark Summer of Love

Great. You cannot discriminate against people that you do not like, whom you find immoral and dangerous.

Once the Viet Nam War had ended, feminism was rearing its ugly head (traditional women were rearing an ugly head too) while some of us men still had some need for being. I had just assumed that everyone would naturally reject forced integration and charges of “racism” but young women did not seem quite as inclined. Why?

interracial couple

Let’s qualify all statements made about young women below to mean, at their worst/most opportune, given defective social structure and pandering. It would be clearly wrong to say that there are not plenty of cool White women. (1)

Thesis: Within the disorder resulting from civil rights rupturing of classificatory (racial) bounds, the natural one-up position of young females (you are so wonderful, may I have a date?) emerges with increased significance.

a) Solicited from many directions, they typically become confirmed, articulate, confident and authoritative; let’s say sometimes beyond merit.

b) They have increased incentive to maintain their power as gatekeepers. With it, their natural tendency to incite genetic competition (E.O. Wilson) increases to runaway effect.

c) Jewish pandering and objectivist interests combine with de facto need to classify, strengthening high contrast tropism toward those classifications, females and Blacks, too difficult to ignore.

. . . . . . . . . .

interracial dating

Within the disorder resulting from civil rights rupturing of classificatory (racial) bounds, the natural one-up position of young females (you are so wonderful, may I have a date?) emerges with increased significance. Thus, a female bias and selective preferences will be over-valued and not sufficiently corrected by the many ameliorative aspects of the male selective bias.

a) Solicited from many directions.

Absent class bounds the one-up position of young White females re-emerges with increased significance. Occupying a more “addressive” position, they are solicited from many directions, becoming relatively confirmed, oriented, articulate, confident, and authoritative. A young man would make a mistake by trying to clarify the rules through meta-communication (orientative talk about how talk counts) as that is stepping on her toes as gate-keeper. And she can easily take many a brutal recourse should her position be disrespected, weaker sex and all of that. He can barely do anything right if that’s how she wants to see it. She can do many things, arbitrarily, and get away with it. This is why one ought to exercise some caution when denouncing anti-racism. Nevertheless, whereas one perhaps used to seek out a priest, a scientist or a philosopher, now because of her increased one up position, one might as soon seek out a young woman to talk in hopes of appealing to her and salvaging a human world.

b) Gate keeper position and genetic incitement multiplies

Whether it is civil rights of the objectivist kind, or the perverted Jewish kind of the 1964 Act, its rupturing of class bounds, developmental processes and accountability thereof, the natural tendency of young females to incite genetic competition (E.O. Wilson) increases to runaway effect. Particularly absent class bounds, young females have increased incentive to maintain the power of their position as gatekeepers, irrespective of race, to the detriment of the White Class.

Moreover, they will empower men who prevent discrimination and maintain the disorder in order to maintain the position as gate-keepers to the extent they have it; they will even empower men otherwise disposed to racial consciousness inasmuch as they pooh-pooh the issue of race and the merit of White advocates.

Since miscegenation is among their greatest weapons, the same old yin-yang is going to go into effect as they empower “objective men” to clear away White men of racial/class consciousness.

The yin-yang has been in effect as long as I can remember, with the Democrats representing integrationist, mulatto supremacism, and the Republicans representing the dolts that women and Jews can control as if they were trying to say, “We’re so tough; racial consciousness is all nonsense”.

Therefore, sometime within the initial interaction episode, a young man is likely to get a litmus test as she asks what he thinks of Blacks and of racism. If he is honest enough to say that he does not like them, sees good reason for racial discrimination, he is likely to be ostracized. In fact, since miscegenation is one of the biggest threats at her disposal in maintaining that position, she may go to extremes to stigmatize those who challenge it. Naturally, she will be particularly fearful and aggressive to maintain the anti-racist taboo once she has crossed that line. Hence, it is not only Jews and men attempting to be innocent who hazard the White Class.

I understand the paranoia of those who do not want to take their eye off the power, who think that they are trying to divide and conquer by lowly racial conflict; but if the formalities of incommensurate logics of meaning and action, of qualitative, paradigmatic difference are swept aside in favor of the false comparisons of “non-equalitarianism” and no critique is made of disingenuous female positions, the same old cycle is going repeat largely to our detriment.

Okay, men have been inarticulate to their mandate for being – me too, somewhat. Having asserted early on in the gender agendas article that male being was warranted through co-evolution, I later fumbled a bit, speculating that perhaps women would not allow for it – doesn’t matter: White Male Being is warranted through survival and our co-evolution with our women for 40,000 years. Innocent until proven guilty, we co-create these women and children Blacks do not.

Nevertheless, even though women and objectivist men are rupturing classification, Jews are not merely pandering objectively to natural inclination, they are instrumental in preventing corrective action.

c) Jewish pandering and objectivist interests combine with de facto need to classify.

Pandering to the addressive position of females, while not exclusive to Jews, is of especial significance coming from them. Powerfully organized as a class, historically threatened by Whites, Jews pander to this interface in order to weaken and demoralize the White class. Thus, they play upon the objectivist upshot of disorder. Like women, Blacks represent a difference, a tropism, too different to ignore within disorder despite prohibition of classifications; yielding a classification that grants them strength in solidarity and coherence. This is farther bolstered by endless Jewish stories of women as victims, women as heroes for advocating Blacks, Blacks in victim status; combining with the fact that Blacks are often emboldened by having less to lose; combining with the fact that Blacks are the opposite of being disadvantaged in some important respects; viz., long standing victimizers, exploiters of Whites and likely to have biological hegemonies, having evolved some 200,000 years prior to the 40,000 years of European differentiation. Not only that, but having evolved in a primordial disorder, their kind of selection has quantified and maxed-out masculinity, leaving females inclined to them and all the more; especially as the orienting organization of classifications are both prohibited and humanly necessary; thus, the high contrast tropism of Black White, as hard to ignore as Male/Female, is farther exacerbated; women pandered to in torrents by Jews on that interface to keep the class disordered and its morale down.


Therefore, despite obvious, broad destruction to the class, ecology and accountability, and despite would-be corrective action, as most White men naturally, and with good reason, hate miscegenating White women, the pairing with this aggressive, presumptuous, hyper-assertive people will increase, given the present rule structure. White men are prevented from doing anything about it largely due to the agency of Jewish machinations in interface with young females and objectivists within the disordered situation, absent racial classificatory bounds.

While Jews are not solely responsible for promoting miscegenation, they are largely so. Even more significantly, they are responsible for preventing White men from doing anything about it.

Civil Rights Act of 1964: “An employer cannot discriminate against a person because of his interracial association with another, such as by an interracial marriage.”

Civil rights rupture developmental processes and the ecological pattern disbursement that would otherwise be managed and maintained by the class. With equality/non-equality being made central, as opposed to classification and maintenance of paradigmatic differences that make a formal difference, incommensurate logics of meaning and action are improperly meshed to the detriment of marginal Whites, and liable to create the narcissism of false comparison, unnecessary competition, reciprocally escalating destruction.

For bringing to bear Black violence and destruction to the culmination of our 40,000 years of evolution, miscegenators and their instigators are no better; rather they are highly analogous to rapists and pedophiles; they might be considered accordingly. A scientistic view would say miscegenation is a naturally occurring fact. Rape and child molestation may be natural inclinations as well, but we do not accept them; rather we seek social injunction. In this example, the agency of a social constructionist view is superior to the mere causality of a scientistic view.

If people are going to keep going around making equality a straw man and non-equality the thing as opposed to paradigmatic difference(s) and race (class) being the matter, we’re going to create false comparisons and unnecessary, counter productive conflict; i.e., not that we should seek to avoid all conflict necessarily, but we do want the chips to fall on our side. (2)

White men are warranted to Be as the White Class is warranted to Be by dint of their survival and co-evolution over the course of 40,000 years. Innocent until proven guilty, we make White women and children. Moreover, males have an underrated selective bias, preferring cooperative and thoughtful woman (3). Even the asymmetry of White female beauty that White men have co-created is a sign of genetic advance and harmonious niche adaptation to environment.

Soda jerk making an ice cream, 1950-60's

Normal White men don’t create the unnecessary wars, aren’t the ones exploiting others with fortune 500 companies, are not the ones over populating the world. Nevertheless, White men who are in developmental stages, on basic motivational levels seeking being, are going to be out of luck absent the class bounds. Our White class is seeking Being as well. It is struggling to assert the warrant to exist. It is the righteous fight, but fight smart and look toward the power, White man.

Nevertheless, absent class bounds and subject to the throws of Jewish machinations, the large majority of White men are going to get screwed by those after “actualization” – like Malcolm X quoting Elijah Muhammad that the Black Man will rule – no thanks. The Black Power movement was after actualization and incommensurate with White male Being as well.

Malcolm X

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 is a rupturing of the White Class. After a laugh, cry or puke, settle down to see that it is evil.

Conclusion – Absent class bounds, women’s one-up position emerges with increased significance, often beyond merit. We need White women with White class. Civil rights rupture developmental processes within otherwise self-corrective patterns. Correction and advance requires the legitimacy of classification – The White Class.

* * * * *

(1) I love women, they are veritably my religion – 14 Words – especially in a racially homogeneous situation – though not as much in mixed one: With things being so foul, and their being so incredulous as to how I could be flustered over a rule structure and demographically mixed situation that was clearly auguring catastrophe, I had to think about it. While there are ways in which women can legitimately share power, many women, young in particular, do not merit the sort of power that they wield within the disordered context of modernity.

I am not promoting only traditional roles for women. Don’t you want more Virginia Abernethys? I do. It only requires the Class and that they undergo a bit more rigor on basic levels. Conversely, a bit more Being for men in exchange for maintaining the class – and it is warranted. White men’s existence warranted as is The White Class.

(2) In fact, encouraging the natural animosity that Black women have toward White women taking Black men is a good angle, not only in discouraging such pairings, but also in agitating to bring the Jewish system down which is so uncaring, having broached our most sacred and important human concern, our close personal relationships as they bear upon our survival. The beaming smiles of approval that I have received from Black women in those times when I antagonized interracial couples is an irony that stays with me. The “sisters” (Black women) obviously will not care too much about the White women who take their men. White men do not want Black women; we sense that it is going horribly backwards: their ugly symmetry a sign of primitive undifferentiation, imperviousness to environment and social concerns, dispensation to thoughtless overgrazing. I find it relatively effective to agree with interracial couples that Black women are indeed, ugly. It tends to confuse them as the insulted party is not there; after all, what is he doing with a White woman if Black women are so great? (obviously, exercise discretion – you may not want to say “ugly”, you might best say nothing in some cases). If they will, let these enraged Black women be allies in taking down the Jewish system {which has broached our most sacred, our close personal relationships – its total disregard for that which is most important to us, our co-evolutionary women. Nevertheless, when listening to David Duke interview Patricia McAllister, what struck me was her claim that Blacks ought to have half of America. Do you see what I mean by hyper-assertive? For all the money and treasures they have taken form us, the destruction wrought upon us, they should have half of America… hmm.

(3) As opposed to the female/Nietszchean perspective which values men big and strong exclusively, impervious and undaunted no matter what, Negroes with good digestive tracts. That may explain why the N word is prohibited by the female gate keeper’s union – the N word is not ok, but Himmler was well reasoned in wanting to genocide Poles – after all, the women are beautiful; we cannot have that when Black women have the humility to be so non-threatening – so often butt ugly.