Leftism as a Code Word (Part 2): The White Class

November 19, 2011

By Daniel Sienkiewicz

White Class

Dedicated to Charlotte Parker

When our advocates call our enemies “The Left” they are making a crucial mistake – obfuscating our two greatest problems and the means of solution at the same time.

They are obfuscating the agency of Jewish machinations, such as perversion of the terms.

People within the class, contributing diverse skills could make it stronger – “diversity” might be “strength” in that way.

Biodiversity in terms of assuring genetic flexibility and the likelihood of survival through various contingencies is certainly advisable, including our separate difference and differences as Whites.

But the merit of biodiversity among our people and biodiversity from other groups within the world is transformed into a term “diversity”, which of course [?], means integration.

Multi-cultural”, a term that would seem to appeal to the sovereign maintenance of different cultures in the world is perverted into a term meaning integration into a mono-cultural world.

Marginals within the class could have more perspective on our systemic needs (knowing where the shoe pinches), and more of a vested interest in ecological, systemic maintenance of the class; but those outside or inasmuch induced to be antagonistic to the class are called, “marginals.”

Puerile female incitement to genetic competition might create friendly competition within the class, but is pandered to without the class and called White men’s incitement of racial hatred.

We would rather not be diverse from Asians, Arabs, Mestizos and Africans? Of course we would. We want to encourage them to integrate with us, become Westernized and envelop us? Of course Not. Nevertheless, Jewish academics and political planners have blurred the lines of diversity and marginals, particularly those outside the class – entailing their deleterious, non-ecological integration with us – putting the world on its present course of systemic runaway headed for catastrophe. Thus, the White Class serves the world as well as itself in performing the duty of maintaining the separate distinction of itself from other classes (i.e., races) in systemic corrective to Jewish machinations.

Though we cannot merely do as we will to non-Whites toward that end, we should work toward ways of their humane deportation and separation, as we are indeed, warranted to defend the relative interests of our class against population explosion and its incursion upon our people, our habitats. Nevertheless, while Jewish elitists are pandering, instigating and preventing us from taking up the relative interests of our classification; so too are pseudo objectivists.

When the Right talks in terms of quantities not accountable to qualitative differences, paradigmatic differences, ecological niches, relative interests of the class, it is culpable as well.

Taking our hermeneutic circle back to this second problem and making its distinction further -

In distinction from Rightist objectivism, The White Class.

So long as it serves the relative, relational interests of our class, rightist type preoccupation with disciplines pursuing objective abstractions beyond or within biological nature is valid, often yielding important “objective” scientific results. But as we’ve pointed out, in truth, it never fully exists for us; in particular as people are mammals, caring about relationships. But moreover, objectivity always needs to be gauged against the Left’s human sized classification as we must beware that the quantifying metaphors of physics not breach the optimal requirements of biology. As A and B observed: people are biological creatures, requiring optimal, not maximal levels of need satisfaction, quantifiable excesses and deficiencies becoming toxic. Biological nature rarely works within lethal variables; we do not eat because we are starving, we eat as we are hungry.

We do not even necessarily fight for the fact that extinction is forecast and because our race is subject to statistically more violence. As Habermas observed, we do not tend to learn and be motivated unless we can see our subjective interests involved. Our subjective interest, seeing what good it is for us to pursue the relative interests of the White Class, needs to connect. That is one reason why the 14 words is effective, it advocates White survival and subjective interests at the same time. We might rather, fight because our women, our co-evolutionary women, land and property are being taken by apes; because we would receive just reward by partaking in and fighting on behalf of our relative class.

Classification could provide the context for those subjective real life processes, ecology and accountability. However, while both Jews and disingenuous Rightists exploit and pervert objectivist values against our classification; Whites who demonize the Left, per se, are complicit, albeit perhaps unwittingly, with its obstruction as well. Thus, clarifying this central need of class falls in line with Dr. Sunic’s semantic disentangling project: since the necessary classification of our overall process, discrimination on its basis and acting accordingly is being blocked, stigmatized as ‘leftist’, critically analyzed as ‘ethnocentric’ and criminalized as ‘racist.’

 Upon “de-obfuscating” these attributions it becomes clear

While striving after White homelands (plural), we need to re-establish classification of Whites and assert our relative, relational interests in revolutionary contrast to our centuries long customs: pseudo objectivism, universalism, Christianity, scientism capitalism, liberalism, sheer individualism. These pursuits being void of context, void of class, broach accountability and ecology. They have us treating non-Whites as being the same as us, with interests that we value equally if not more to our own because we are supposedly innocent and objectively motivated, as opposed to relative, relational and particularly accountable to the White Class.

Unless we want to deny the out of Africa theory we are marking a distinguishing classification to some extent. However, it is not necessary to deny, as it is no compliment to them and no insult to us. We might just as well say that we have them in our past, their traits resurfacing where necessary and we do not want to go back (e.g., to their short sighted aggression and irresponsible breeding). Classifying in spite of the fact that we can, unfortunately, breed with other races, is not wrong to do, on the contrary, it is more than valid – that is our solution: the manageable means of accountability and ecology. It is not a mere construct – it is real - warrantably assertable and operationally verifiable.

Neither can we avoid classifying whether deliberately or de facto. In modernity’s disordering prohibition of classification that often devolves simply to male/female (subject next time). But unlike that rightist objectivism, in which classifications are an upshot caused by mere forces of nature, deliberate classification rather sets in motion the course of agency – the means to construct ourselves as a people: in classifying ourselves, we establish accountability, coherence, agency and warrant.

Nor is it arbitrary and superficial. Defining who we are, who our class is, is not difficult, especially if the national and regional boundaries are respected: We are persons evolved in the context of Europe (and Russia) over the course of 40,000 years, with a bit of Neanderthal, out of Africa for a longer time. In defining who ‘we’ and ‘they’ are, Giles made the good suggestion that we ought to call ourselves Europeans (meaning differentiated indigenously in the context of Europe), them Africans, Israelis, and various Asians. There was also a suggestion for a biological constitution. I concur. We may declare our DNA our nation and connect it to various points of land eventually, even if not contiguous, as Alaska is apart from the continental U.S. – in fact, that would be tactically better, safer. Better still, this biological nation should be based on an updated Articles of Confederation (TT). However small to begin, it is possible. We can easily get enough people to join, and it does not require relinquishing current citizenship, national or regional distinctions. Before long, our thinkers will find a way to ratify our nation before the world – we will become powerful and agile, managing a hermeneutic process between momentary observations of our DNA and its protracted expressions organized of The Class.

A non-Jewish Left, The White Class, is only an oxymoron according to the definition of the Left that people have been maneuvered into by Jewish academics and political planners. Jews want us to be defined as Rightist – in the speculation of a universal religion, anti-social, pseudo-objective individualists – because it is weak and amoral; they want to portray us on the side of the corporate “individual” of U.S. law, us to seem like the force behind the military industrial complex and not the Zionists. They want us to be Rightists. Not Leftists who organize on the basis of the White Class as a full social group, with relative, relational accountability to and from those on top to those in more fundamental stages of developmental (within the life time) and evolutionary (beyond the lifetime), process.

Nevertheless, White traitors fall outside the class by dint of being traitors and are probably our worst enemy. The Right says I’m better therefore you can die, while the Left says you might be better at one thing, but your life is not mutually exclusive to mine, and I can do something else. The egghead who can invent a mathematical formula that facilitates space travel is providing an account, of sorts, but insufficient if he unnecessarily cuts himself off from the flexibility of a sustaining network and process: parentage, women, young, farmers, technicians, soldiers and environment. More, through evolution, his i.q. may in fact have mutated from the sublimation and corresponding cooperation which is as likely as that to be responsible for the relatively non-violent and amenable day to day White way of life – one of our strongest points.

There is nothing idealistic about it: accountability is entailed straight away in the moment we classify ourselves. Separatism is a first step, separatism is an ultimate aim and separatism is always possible. It is entirely possible to coordinate and it is entirely consistent, in sync with taking on Zog, the corporate plutocracy and the military industrial complex. It would call for manageable sub-classifications, of course: but neither are the nations, states, regions, unions, guilds and lone agents contradictory of White Leftism – on the contrary. More, so long as it does not transcend the well being of the class and its habitats, the White Left is not contradictory to morals or other intangibles, individualism, languages, creativity, achievement. Nor tangibles, such as public and private property, our mutual habitat, free enterprise and industry; a reasonable amount of wealth and a reasonable social safety net mutually. Further, in recognizing paradigmatic, qualitative difference of patterns among and between the classes (races) of people, we have the means of cooperative negotiation as opposed to a narcissistic vision of equality – non-equality that instigates reciprocally escalating diatribe and war. It is not that I personally care for non-Whites and traitors – I don’t; and punishment is indeed, in order – but one does have to pick their fights and there does come a point where fighting is impractical. Note that we are subsuming Darwinism under a broader naturalism of classificatory ecology.

Of our agency, The White Left is for us to define. It is not as much on an economic basis. Rich White people have bad will particularly as they are not accountable to Whites. While that might be almost all of the time, it has more to do with their being traitors than because they have money. The White Left could allow for reasonable wealth – maybe after 5 million, one would be taxed 75% ? We’ll work these matters out. See Bowery, for example, on homestead land tax exemptions; land ownership beyond that amount would be subject to a tax that could fund a space program, even. And we need not necessarily provide a safety net much beyond subsistence, food, shelter and heat; some training, a menial job.

The White Class does not contradict nationalism – excluding Jews from leftism and nationalism is NOT an oxymoron by definition. Can you say “national socialism?” It was leftist until the night of the long knives when they went over the top and became elitist, capitalist empire builders (see Matt Johnson on, “it’s empire building, not nationalism that makes war”); too bad coordinating the expulsion of Jews from Europe and Russia could not have been the extent of their dealings with the rest of Europe. The White Class is commensurate with RamzPaul’s emphasis here that nationalism can, in fact, resolve many issues. Having frequently been irritated myself, by the “northern” European thing, as in, only people above he 40th parallel are European, or “White”, I can agree, emphatically, that we can all be for Sweden being Swedish, southern European nations being discretely their own, etc.

This could also accommodate non-biological diversity as DeBenoist seeks; he apparently wants to preserve his language and the fine variety of his French culture; we can agree to that, but ultimately, we should not accept passive resignation for non-Europeans living within France or anywhere in the European continent. If one cherishes cultural expressions while accepting a situation that facilitates the disgusting pairing of French women with Africans, they are throwing the baby out with the bath water and we must side with French Whites more radical. We are willing to help greatly, but not for allowing that kind of diversity to spread to the rest of Europe. We value French women and men, not mulattos speaking French. At the same time, we need not exploit and destroy other peoples and environs; but may leave them alone providing they do not violate our (mutual) habitat and freedom from association with them. The nations and regions of Europe can have a similar scale and be coordinated with those White states among the freely chosen Laboratory of The States as Bowery proposes for The U.S.  However, the European nations need to provide for the slightly different function of accountability to the deep ecology of their indigenous peoples. Irrespective of expanse or obstacles, sovereign White nations, regions, and states may be coordinated among the White Class.


When our advocates go on about “the Left, the Left, the Left”, on the one hand, they are obfuscating the agency of our greatest antagonist, the agency of Jewish machination, whether the agency behind economic Marxism or the cultural Marxism of PC. And on the other hand they are driving us right where Jewish academic and political planners want us to go – into the Right – which is the other source of our destruction – the Rightist quest for objective innocence, whether naive or worse, a pretense of objective innocence in order to avoid accountability. Not being leftists blocks resolution to our problem, a problem that Kant had tried and failed to solve, that of empiricism’s upshot, overly severe relativism – which is rectified by the hermeneutic process, classifying the ongoing process by which we gauge our systemic pattern, delimiting our relative interests, and particular accountability as The White Class.

When we say the White Class, meaning people of native European extraction, not Jews and Mulattos with Passports, there is no mistaking, no ambiguity. We are radicals, connecting the radix of our roots to the extremities of our branches, our farther reaches.

We need a moral order of that – our race, our class, is our religion – it centers on the 14 Words – it is transcendent, forward looking, palpable and practical.

We may declare our nation – This is the end of the one world order and the beginning of White sovereignty. Our DNA is our nation.

* * * * *

Note: When listening to our advocates, you might try, for your own clarity (and sanity) substituting the word “liberal”, in terms of its function, openness and caring for outsiders, when you hear them use the word, “left”, and you’ll find that it works fine conceptually. Liberalism’s actual negative meaning is more correct than leftism in terms of describing our problem – as a liberal, one is either naively subject to integrationism at the behest of an elitist group or subject to the integration of bio-power elitists – note that elite may have a positive connotation for some, but not elitism, elitists. It is true, however, that charging others with Liberalism tends to render one stodgy; backward sounding and worse; it poses the continual ground yielding, reactive logic of old-fashioned conservatism as its response. Thus, in line with Kurtagic’s marketing program of image appeal, another word for its meaning, i.e. reckless openness to other cultures, should be supplied – agreed, but not the Left.

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