Jamie Kelso: Ron Paul Revolutionaries

November 10, 2011

Ron Paul

Host Jamie Kelso’s November 10, 2011 program leads him to reading off a Ron Paul position card that he took home from getting a chance to talk to Ron Paul in the thirteenth city in which he has met “the Thomas Jefferson of our time”. And as he is reading that the position card has as its photo image of Paul a picture of Paul at the podium before the 15,000 roaring Ron Paul Revolutionaries on September 2, 2008 in the Target Center in Minneapolis. And, to Kelso’s amazement, there he is, waving his own distinctive Ron Paul sign right at the foot of Paul’s podium in that photograph of an unforgettable event, a counter-convention staged on the same days as the Republican Convention just minutes away in St. Paul. The Target Center that Paul rented was as big as the Republicans’ Excel Energy Center, our crowd was just as big (15,000 each), but our shouting and energy were incomparably greater than the pall of knowing foreboding at the Republican event that chose John McCain rather than Ron Paul.

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