The Fighting Side of Me: Cutting through P.C. Mental Gumbo

November 8, 2011

Fromm, Tuttle, Martin

Candidate Samm Tuttle with Ray Martin, Alabama Council of Conservative Citizens and Paul Fromm, Nashville, T. November 5

Paul Fromm

  • … slams “Assistant Vice-President: Equity, Diversity and Inclusion” at Ryerson as a total waste of money;
  • … supports John Crosbie, Lieutenant-Governor of Newfoundland who’s being criticized for “inappropriate” joke about Muslem suicide bombers;
  • … skewers another Globe and Mail black crime story that tells us nothing;
  • … dissects supposed need for fast tracking “skilled” immigrants when Canada has 7.2% “official unemployment”;
  • … reveals exciting new long shot candidate for President Samm Tittle.

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