VoR Temporarily Going on “Replay Mode”

October 30, 2011

By Mike Conner

I never planned on becoming a weather journalist, but having just lost my electrical power for a few days in August due to tropical storm Irene, and now in October due to a snow storm, I almost think that someone is trying to send me a message. I am writing this missive via a complimentary wi-fi connection at a local laundromat using an antiquated laptop. Yesterday my home state got clobbered by a freakish ice storm which brought trees and branches down onto power lines, including some of the big high voltage lines. The damage was greatly intensified by the fact that most trees were still bearing their leaves, which allowed enormous amounts of snow to accumulate on the branches. This very unusual storm took me and everyone else completely off guard. The reports indicate that the damage is worse than that caused by Hurricane Irene. I believe it, because it sounded like a gunfight (no exaggeration) outside my place last night, as tree limbs snapped and trunks split under the weight of ice. I am out of power, and so is everyone in my family. Unfortunately the feed to my residence was also taken out by a limb; that means that I will be among the last to be put back on line, as the main electrical lines get repaired first. So I am looking at a week living without heat or lighting.

At VoR, I am currently the sole person responsible for getting shows onto the air. (In fact, I am still backed up with some email correspondence and show posts from last week. I beg your patience.) Under the current situation, it is simply not feasible for me to do the work that I normally do to get new shows on the air, with this glacier-speed laptop and limited (though appreciated) free wi-fi connections, and lacking much software that I normally use. Therefore we have no choice but to run replays until I get back my electrical power back. This may take a week or more. I am most sorry for this inconvenience. Please enjoy some old replays, and I will give you an update as soon as VoR is back on track.

Incidentally, I don’t like to seem like a beggar, but if anyone cared to donate towards a new laptop (or desktop; I’ll soon be needing to update that clunker too), or simply to help VoR, any donation would boost my spirit. I am facing a long, cold, frustrating week. I do have some good news, and that is that I finally received some video files via snail mail from some friends across the pond. These videos will inaugurate the VoR Video Project. Stay tuned for details!