The Fighting Side of Me: The Majority Battles for Its Place in North America

October 25, 2011

European Heritage Pride March in Pulaski

Paul Fromm

  • … blasts Nashville Hotel for cancelling anti-Sharia meeting; free speech smothered;
  • … is speechless that socialist EU bureacrats have banned balloons and regulated children’s rattles while the Euro-zone totters;
  • … delights as Canadian Government repeals long gun registry — CBC poll shows 61% favour less or no gun controls;
  • … reports on success of European American Heritage Festival in Pulaski, Oct. 22; European founding/settler people show their pride;
  • … marvels at baby Yue Yue run over three times and ignored by 18 passersby in China — now there’s a morality we ought to import;
  • … exposes “honour killing” by Afghans in Montreal — three daughters and barren first wife drowned.

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