The Stark Truth: Interview with Vincent Rinehart

October 19, 2011

Vince Rinehart

Robert Stark interviews Vincent Rinehart. Topics include:

  • Occupy Wall Street’s political agenda and the attempts at co-option by elites;
  • The failure of capitalism
  • Gaining independence from Wall Street and the need for radical decentralization;
  • Secessionist movements;
  • Resilient villages as a means to self sufficiency;
  • Opposition to mining and exploitation of natural resources;
  • American Indian issues and the globalist Left’s hijacking of their cause;
  • In the second segment Robert discusses the attempt by the neocon organization “Emergency Committee for Israel” to link Occupy Wall Street to anti-semitism and the “paleoconservative” John Birch Society making the same claim.

Vince Rinehart is a Tlingit and Taos Pueblo Indian & a tribal nationalist and anarchist. He writes for his own blogs focusing on American Indian pan-tribal secession as well as for Attack the System and The Daily Attack. He is of the Teeyhíttaan clan from Shtax’héen Kwáan and was born and raised in Lingit Aani, Tlingit Country in Southeast Alaska.

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