The Stark Truth: The Ashkenazi Revolution

October 14, 2011

'The Ashkenazi Revolution' - Kalman Katzenelson

Reuben Hayat joins Robert Stark to discuss The Ashkenazi Revolution, a book by Kalman Katzenelson that Hayat recently translated. The Ashkenazi Revolution was written in Israel in the early 1960s. Katzenelson viewed himself as an Ashkenazi nationalist rather than a Zionist. Katzenelson was active in the revolt against the British and was imprisoned for his activities. It is rumored that the book was banned in Israel because it might cause division between Ashkenazis, Mizrahis and Sephardics.

Topics include:

  • Jewish history and the Jewish concept of time and space;
  • Causes of antisemitism, Jewish power grabs in Europe and Katzenelson’s view of the Jewish people as a conquering rather than downtrodden people;
  • Jewish support for communism and the Zionist complacency in the Holocaust;
  • Proposals of Jewish homelands including Uganda, and how Katzenelson cared more about having an Ashkenazi homeland rather than the land of Palestine;
  • The relationship between Ashkenazi, Sephardic and Mizrahi Jews in Israel, and Katzenelson’s views on them;
  • Israeli abuse of Mizrahi Jews;
  • The current situation in Israel, the nation’s future, and Israel’s relationship with the Jewish diaspora.

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