The Stark Truth: Interview with Byron Roth

October 7, 2011

Byron M. Roth

Robert interviews Byron M. Roth. Topics include:

  • The current debate over immigration policy, which is unlikely to produce a satisfying outcome since it takes place uninformed by the science of evolutionary psychology;
  • The natural bias toward one’s own kind and a certain wariness of others, which makes harmony in multi-ethnic societies problematic;
  • The history of immigration to the United States prior to World War II and how it contrasts with post-war immigration in the West;
  • The undemocratic nature of the regime of mass immigration imposed by authorities on the citizens of Western Nations;
  • Prior to the interview, Robert also discusses Pat Buchanan’s remarks on demographic change and how it will affect the upcoming elections.

Byron M. Roth is Professor Emeritus of Psychology, Dowling College and is author, most recently, of The Perils of Diversity: Immigration and Human Nature. His work has appeared in The Journal of Conflict Resolution, The Public Interest, Academic Questions, and Encounter. His other books include Decision Making: Its Logic and Practice, co-authored with John D. Mullen and Prescription for Failure: Race Relations in the Age of Social Science.

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