The Mark Weber Report: Why the Israel-Palestine Issue is Important for Americans

September 28, 2011


The way that American political leaders and the US mass media deal with the Israel-Palestine conflict is an expression of a corrupt, unhealthy society that ignores basic historical and political realities and betrays the principles it claims to uphold. America’s policy of ardent support for the Zionist state also puts the US increasingly at odds against the rest of the world — a dangerous position especially during this time of economic and political disarray. Already during the 1940s, the US Secretary of State and Secretary of Defense, and all senior US foreign policy specialists, accurately warned that American support for a Zionist state would create grave and steadily growing problems for the US and world. As the new US ambassador to Israel recently acknowledged, US policy in the Middle East is driven by concern for Israel’s interests — and not by what’s best for America and humanity.

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