The Fighting Side of Me: Getting at the Truth

September 6, 2011

Rick Perry with the Mexican flag

Paul Fromm discusses:

  • Public Safety Minister Vic Toews criticizes release of Walter Ernesto Guzman of El Salvador on $3,000 cash bond after appearing before the Immigration and Refugee Board (Guzman was in the country illegally after being convicted of drug trafficking, assault and other serious offences. Toews knows better. The law must be changed.);
  • Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty slaps unemployed Majority Canadians in the face; promises $10,000 subsidies for employers who hire new (mostly Third World) immigrants;
  • Register for National Eurooean American Leadership Seminar, Sept. 17 near Knoxville, TN — — David Duke, Derek Black, Don Black, Sam Dickson, Paul Fromm
  • Check out : Nationalist Alternative is an Pro-White intellectual think-tank and an activist group in Australia. To find out more information go to the website which is or send an Email to
  • Gob. Rick Perry “Scalawag of the Month” favours subsidized tuition for illegals in Texas. He’s no immigration reformer.
  • They breed, but must we feed–a quick look at the famine in basketcase Somalia.

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