The Sunic Journal: Interview with Margaret L. Siegrist

August 23, 2011

Margaret L. Siegrist is the author of the book How Far Away Is Never, which describes her terrible ordeal of a five-year-old German-Croat girl fleeing Communist massacres. Her family endured mass hunger, typhoid disease, ethnic cleansing coming from the East, and Allied aerial fire bombings from the skies in the early 1945 in northern Croatia and southern Austria. This is just one example of millions of similar ordeals, a story you seldom hear in the mainstream media.

Siegrist writes:

In spite of all the suffering and trepidation I lived through, I now live quietly in southern California. I will forever be grateful for the freedom and opportunities these United States offered me but my heart still longs for the land of my birth and the sound of the music of my forefathers. In the US, especially, freedom is taken too much for granted. My contention is that to kill a few is wrong; to kill masses is an abomination. Because the truth was kept from so many from 1945 until now, history is repeating itself. May God help us!

Cover of 'How Far Away Is Never' by Margaret L. Siegrist
Margaret L. Siegrist signing her book
Margaret L. Siegrist signing her book
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