The Fighting Side of Me: Mocking the White Majority

August 23, 2011

Terry Tremaine

Paul Fromm:

  • Exposes “stupid White parents” in the Gerber Education and Life Fund ad;
  • Blasts Chevrolet’s sucky Martin Luther King monument ad;
  • Praises White college students finding their testicles and forming “Fight Clubs”
  • Reveals Toronto writer assaulted by Muslim woman for taking her pic–cops won’t lay charges
  • Skewers World Vision’s hollering for dollars to aid Somalia ad–Somalia 6.7 children/woman!
  • Details the persecution of Canadian dissident Terry Tremaine, threatened with life imprisonment on the installment plan, if he doesn’t remove his political views from the Internet — Tremaine is a former math lecturer in Canada, not some dissident in North Korea

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