Pingbacks & Trackbacks Now Enabled

August 13, 2011

This announcement is directed at those who write or administer other Web sites.

Pingbacks and trackbacks are methods of notifying another Web site when one of that Web site’s pages is being linked. The linked Web site may then choose to publish the pingback/trackback if it so wishes. According to WordPress documentation, pingbacks should work automatically if you link another WordPress-based Web site. Trackbacks are similar, but they have to be added through your Web site management interface. Refer to your Web software documentation for more information.

Before the recent Web site overhaul, the incoming pingback and trackback functions on the VoR site apparently weren’t working (either that, or we never got a pingback or a trackback) and, to be honest, I really hadn’t given them any thought. After the overhaul, for some reason, they started to work, as evidenced here and here.

I think pingback/trackback links are potentially useful and of interest to our listeners and hosts so as an experiment I am going to approve them as they appear in a moderation queue (except for any coming from spam sites or pornography sites or anything like that). The pingbacks/trackbacks will appear in the comments section (though ordinary comments are still disabled at the current time). Basically, if you link us from your site, we’ll link you back. In case this function breaks again, if you don’t see your pingback/trackback within a day send me an email.