The Fighting Side of Me: The Comic and the Tragic

July 28, 2011

[This week's Fighting Side of Me was delayed two days due to a power outage on Tuesday. Also see last week's show just recently posted.]

David Wu

Paul Fromm:

  • Marvels at Philistin (“Crazy”) Paul the Haitian gangster jailed because he couldn’t shoot straight;
  • Wonders about recently resigned Congressman David Wu, accused of forced sex with a campaign donor’s teen daughter. Wu is undergoing psychiatric treatment. He e-mailed people with pics of him in a tiger suit;
  • Reports from Nanaimo, British Columbia on the inquest into the October, 2009 police shooting of White Nationalist Jeff Hughes. At least a dozen shots were fired by some officers who raided Hughes’ apartment after a noise complaint. Hughes was allowed to bleed out for 20 minutes. No one in the squad of 10 armoured and armed officers dared approach the wounded man as a fellow officer kept saying, “I don’t see the weapon,” they would later claim he had. [An unfired flare pistol was later miraculously discovered on his body.]

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