The Mark Weber Report: The Enduring Legacy of Rudolf Hess

July 27, 2011

Rudolf Hess

The grave site of Hitler’s deputy had become such a popular shrine that authorities recently had the dead man’s bones dug up and cremated, with the ashes then strewn at sea. In this review of Rudolf Hess’ life and legacy, Weber explains why so many honor his memory, and regard him as a prisoner of peace and a victim of a vindictive age. In the aftermath of World War II, the Allied powers condemned Hess to life imprisonment for “crimes against peace,” even though he had risked his life in a daring attempt to end war between Britain and Germany. His treatment underscores the vindictiveness and hypocrisy of the victors, and especially the injustice of the inter-Allied Nuremberg Tribunal. In the final portion of this broadcast, Weber talks about a new book by American scholar, John Mearsheimer, “Why Leaders Lie,” which explains why leaders in the US and other mass democracies so often deceive and mislead the public.

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