NPI Conference: Towards a New Nationalism, Sep. 10, 2011

July 21, 2011

Immigration and the Future of Western Nations

Towards a New Nationalism Conference

Conference Overview

NPI’s 2011 conference will address the consequences of mass immigration into the United States from cultural, political, and biological perspectives. It will feature prominent experts, panel discussions, and ample time for speakers’ interaction with attendees.

This year’s presenters include Peter Brimelow, Sam Dickson, James Edwards, John Glad, Alex Kurtagić, Keith Preston, Byron Roth, Richard Spencer, Tomislav Sunić, Jared Taylor, Jonathan Bowden, and others.

When & Where

The National Policy Institute’s first public conference will take place in Washington, DC, on September 10, 2011 from 9am to 7:00pm EST in the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center, just north of the National Mall.

Conference Speakers

Peter Brimelow – The ‘Sailer Strategy’: Triumphant and Denied

Sam Dickson – The Idea and the Ideal of the Ethnostate

James Edwards – Obama and the “R Word”

John Glad – Mass Immigration and Dysgenics

Alex Kurtagić – Masters of the Universe

Keith Preston – Mass Immigration and Totalitarian Humanism

Byron Roth – Multiculturalism and Ethnic Activism

Richard Spencer – Why HBD is Necessary

Tomislav Sunić – Prospects for a Real Nationalist Right in America

Jared Taylor – White Identity: Why We Need It

Jonathan Bowden – Man and Superman

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