The Sunic Journal: Interview with Daniel Sienkiewicz, Part 3

July 19, 2011

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Dr. Sunic graciously allows Daniel to play the lecturer; and present his thesis on the intersection of individuation and gender differentiation. Taking a post modern turn, on individuality, viz. autobiography and gender relations, he traces autobiography in theory and practice in the example of his own history as it intersects with radical, modern and post modern feminism.

Topics include:

  • Specifically, how it is that anti-racism is not innocent;
  • Proposing a non-Jewish definition and criterion of leftism – the White Class;
  • Functions of The Autobiographical Self;
  • Hippies as a movement for Being, an incommensurate gender agenda with feminism’s quest for Actualization during the 1960s;
  • Relevant historical exemplars of feminism: from the radical de Beavoir to the modern Friedan to the neo-traditional Gilligan;
  • Transforming Maslow’s hierarchy of motives into an optimal management of Being, Selfhood, Socialization and Self Actualization.

The full (long!) essay that Daniel wrote based on this interview can be found here.

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