The Sunic Journal: Interview with Alicia Rose

July 5, 2011

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Alicia discusses with Tom her novel Just Alex, a compelling saga of a woman kidnapped by human-looking aliens, who experiences at a distant star a surreal copy of her drab ex-Californian life. The same sort of earthly intrigues and bickering that we all think are uniquely inherent to humans ensues.

Alicia Rose currently resides in central Oklahoma with her husband and dachshund. She is the author of the science fiction novel Just Alex and the owner of Alicia Harrell’s Bookstore. She has written numerous articles that explore a wide variety of topics, published by Associated Content, HubPages, and KnowABit Web sites. She has professional blogs on AuthorNation and WordPress. She enjoys studying archeology, anthropology, health & wellness, linguistics, political science and Indo-European studies. Her email is

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