VoR Airs Seminar, “Revolt against Civilization”

July 1, 2011

Update: All audio is now posted and indexed here.

Update #2: Knud Eriksen sent us two additional interviews that will be aired tentatively Tue., Jul. 5, and Wed. Jul. 6.

Update #3: To the best of our knowledge, all available audio is now posted and all links are working.

In a two-day private seminar on religion and politics, held in Aalborg, Denmark, on May 28, and May 29, Dr. Tom Sunic, Dr. Kevin MacDonald, Dr. David Duke, Dr. Helmuth Nyborg, Dr. Alexander Jacob and Dr. Christian Lindtner gave speeches on the subject of the crisis of modern civilization. The conference, under the title “Revolt against Civilization,” was organized by Dr. Lindtner of the Danish Society for Free Historical Research [Danish: Dansk Selskab for Fri Historisk Forskning; Web site:]. The audience consisted of guests from all parts of Europe.

'Revolt against Civilization' panel

Left to right: Dr. Tom Sunic, Dr. Alexander Jacob, Dr. David Duke, Dr. Helmuth Nyborg, Dr. Kevin MacDonald, and Dr. Christian Lindtner

The Voice of Reason Broadcast Network is proud to broadcast these speeches the week of Jun. 20-25. The speeches were as follows:

In addition, six interviews that came out of this seminar that were broadcast the weeks of Jun. 27-Jul. 8. The interviews were as follows:

Source: Danish Society for Free Historical Research.