The Fighting Side of Me: Living With Hypocrisy

June 28, 2011

RobFord, mayor of Toronto

Host Paul Fromm highlights:

  • Globe and Mail slams gagging of Chinese dissidents but ignores similar suppression of Canadian political prisoners like letter writer Brad Love — parole condition prevented him from writing to any elected official and then to ANYBODY without prior permission!
  • Mississauga crime reporting shields ethnic (Third World) identity of killers
    * NATO’s dishonest war against Col. Gaddafi;
  • Alberta’s upstart populist Wildrose Party votes to abolish anti-Christian, anti-free speech Alberta Human Rights Commission;
  • Toronto Mayor Ford decides to go to his cottage and celebrate Dominion Day with his family and not march in the “Gay Pride Parade” — organizers throw a hissy fit;
  • How NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Big Money passed “same sex marriage” through State Senate.

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