The Fighting Side of Me: Immigration–It’s the Make-up and the Numbers that Count

June 21, 2011

Conrad Black
Conrad Black

Paul Fromm discusses:

  • The con job that is Canada’s announced crackdown on people smugglers;
  • The real purpose is a public relations shuffle so that Canada can maintain the highest immigration intake per capita in the West;
  • The polls show Immigration Minister Jason Kenney is dreaming when he says: “‘We have this phenomenal situation where Canada is the only Western liberal democracy with virtually no xenophobic or anti-immigrant voices in our public discourse.”;
  • “The press and many big corporations may suppress and downplay dissent but it’s there and strong,” says Fromm.
  • Eccentric former press baron, author and neo-Con Lord Conrad Black may be waking up: Europe is collapsing “a process accelerated by Europeans\ dyspeptic failure to reproduce, and a culturaqlly suicidal replacement, thoughout Europe, of the unborn with often unassimilated Muslim immigrants.”

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