Jamie Kelso, Jun. 17, 2011

June 17, 2011

Jamie Kelso just received in the mail a personally inscribed copy of “Beyondism – Religion from Science” by Raymond B. Cattell. Kelso’s volume was inscribed in November of 1988, shortly before Cattell had to give up his lifelong love of sailing due to advancing age, in his Hawaiian home on the southeast coast of Oahu. The great pro-White psychologist Cattell was born in England in 1905 and is buried overlooking the ocean where he died on Oahu in 1998. Charles Lindbergh, with similar years of 1902 to 1974, whose great flights were also navigations across oceans, is buried overlooking the sea on the southeast corner of Maui. One wonders whether the two great men ever met each other.

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