The Heretics’ Hour: The Way Forward

June 13, 2011

Fountain in Birobidjan

Beautiful fountain in Birobidjan, the main city of ‘Jewish Autonomous Region’ in Russia. Perfect home for the world’s Jews.

Carolyn rethinks “Israel Must Perish” and changes to “The Jewish Diaspora Must Perish.” The very tough way forward must include the re-institution of nationalism, recognition of the bond of blood, and the removal of all Jews from Gentile nations into their own national homeland, which cannot be Israel, but a larger space that can hold all the Jews of the world. Birobidjan is certainly a good possibility as so many Jews originated in Russian territory.

Also: Heinrich Himmler, Josef Goebbels, Gordon Duff, women benefiting the right-wing movement, Heinz Christian Strache of Austria and Marie Le Pen of France pledge to work together, Pope Benedict calls a Croatian Cardinal up for sainthood a “defender of Jews.”

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