The Stark Truth: Interview with Dr. Stephen J. Sniegoski

June 8, 2011

Dr. Stephen J. Sniegoski

Robert interviews Dr. Stephen J. Sniegoski. Topics include:

  • How the Neocons got the US into the Iraq war on behalf of Israel;
  • The myths about oil, American Imperialism, and spreading democracy;
  • The Neocons’ agenda on Iran, and myths about Iran;
  • The 2011 Arab Spring revolts, and how they relate to Israel’s security;
  • How the neocons originated and took over the Conservative movement;
  • Why there is so little effective opposition to the Israel Lobby.

Stephen J. Sniegoski, Ph.D. earned his doctorate in American history, with a focus on American foreign policy, at the University of Maryland. He has had articles published in The World & I, Modern Age, Current Concerns, Zeit-Fragen, Telos, The Occidental Quarterly, Arab News, The Last Ditch, and elsewhere on subjects such as communism, political philosophy, World War II, and the American war on Iraq. He is the author of The Transparent Cabal: The Neoconservative Agenda, War in the Middle East, and the National Interest of Israel (2008).

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