Jamie Kelso, May 27, 2011: Cyndi Steele

May 27, 2011

Cyndi Steele, wife of First Amendment patriot attorney Edgar J. Steele, is Jamie Kelso’s guest on his May 27, 2011 program. Mrs. Steele, in her second appearance on the Kelso show since the kangaroo court that utterly wrongfully convicted her innocent husband of murder-for-hire against herself (!) adds more astounding updates to our understanding of how justice was denied in this case. And Ms. Steele offers hope to patriots that good will come of all of this corruption, since patriots throughout whatever may ensue will have truth on our side. In today’s show, Mrs. Steele points out the important help that patriots can give right now by posting, commenting, and submitting letters to the editors of the newspapers whose articles about the Steele case are highlighted in the blog section of

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