Jamie Kelso, May 26, 2011

May 26, 2011

In the May 26, 2011 show Jamie Kelso points out how one of his heroes, Ron Paul got it wrong, badly, on immigration in his new book “Liberty Defined”, a best-seller, as are all Ron Paul books. Jamie Kelso is going to recast the Ron Paul Revolution section of his forum to help spark a pushback from Ron’s own supporters against his goofily libertarian statements in the new book that the families of illegals should not be separated. What?! On this issue, which trumps all of the other issues on which Ron is so right, Ron is completely at odds with his own supporters. The entire Ron Paul Revolution is White, or at least 99% White, as anyone attending the great Paul rallies can attest. And more than 90% of those all-White crowds take a far stronger stance on stopping the immigration invasion of America than does Ron Paul. Ron has lost touch with his own base on this issue, and Kelso believes it is incumbent on the patriots in his base to persuade their leader that on this issue he is badly mistaken. Kelso will retitle the Ron Paul forum at his website to something more like “Ron Paul Has Lost Touch With His Own Base On The Invasion”. Kelso starts today’s show on immigration with an article from the July 1987 issue of Instauration magazine.

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