Jamie Kelso, May 24, 2011

May 24, 2011

Jamie Kelso has just uploaded two new additions of Instauration magazine at, the April and May, 1987 issues. In the April issue, on page 8, Kelso finds a delusion-shattering article about the way in which the mestizo Mexican government has been perpetrating the extermination of the truly indigenous Yaqui people of Sonora, between the Gulf of California and Arizona. The Yaquis have fought against mestizoization by Mexico since a 1740 uprising against the theft of their land by “mestizos and mulattoes”, as their leader Muni described invaders of their ancestral land. This article makes the point that Mexico is all about mestizoization and conquest of other people’s land, not about respect for those truly entitled to that land, even when those people are 100% pureblood Indians, like the Yaqui. Or 100% European, like us.

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