The Stark Truth: Adrian Salbuchi on Debt and Sovereignty

May 18, 2011

Adrian Salbuchi

Robert interviews Adrian Salbuchi. Topics include:

  • Adrian’s project, the Second Republic and his new talk show;
  • Failures of capitalism and socialism; Third Positionist economic alternatives;
  • Liberating ourselves from debt, both public and private—ending the financial interest control of the economy by instituting public debt-free money;
  • Parasitic v. productive economics;
  • Restoring sovereignty, restoring traditional cultures, and fighting globalist media influence;
  • Bin Laden’s reported death and the situation in the Middle East.

Adrian Salbuchi is a well known Argentine economist, author, and trends forecaster. His Web sites are found at and His new book written in English is called The Coming World Government: Tragedy and Hope? and can be ordered at this link.

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