The Mark Weber Report: The Double Standard of US Policy on Israel—War Crimes Hypocrisy

May 18, 2011

Israeli flag & US flag in front of US Capitol

In both domestic and foreign policy, the US has one standard for Israel and the organized Jewish community, and another for non-Jewish humanity. The decades-long US campaign against “Nazi war criminals,” such as John Demjanjuk, underscores the hypocrisy of US policy. American officials uphold one standard with regard to death and suffering of Jews, and a very different one regarding death and suffering of non-Jews.

When President Truman recognized the newly-founded Israeli state in 1948, he rejected the stern warnings of his own advisors and officials. He put narrow, partisan interests ahead of the interests of the US and the world, and betrayed the principles that he and other American leaders claim to support. This was the “original sin” of US Middle East policy.

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