Jamie Kelso, May 16, 2011

May 16, 2011

The American Third Position political party is dedicated, among other things, to not repeating the mistakes discussed in the Instauration article that is the basis of Jamie Kelso’s May 16, 2011 radio show. You can find the January and February 1987 issues of Instauration magazine online for the very first time today at Kelso has just put these two issues online, and VOR listeners are the first to see these issues. And you can help the A3P put your fellow patriot Harry Bertram on the West Virginia ballot for Governor by donating immediately to the $1500 filing fee which will be delivered in Charleston, WV by Harry Bertram personally on May 20. And, for free, you can join the discussion of the A3P’s first statewide ballot appearance on the big forums dedicated to the A3P: and

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