Jamie Kelso, May 11, 2011: Cyndi Steele

May 11, 2011

Mrs. Cyndi Steele, wife of Edgar J. Steele, is Jamie Kelso’s special guest on May 11, 2011. Mrs. Steele gives her first extensive interview after a murder-for-hire trial against her husband that turned out to be a travesty of justice. Mrs. Steele, who WAS the victim of attempted murder by the government informant Larry Fairfax, was denied the due process of a chance to clearly and completely tell the facts of the case to the jury. In today’s program Cyndi Steele cites example after example of outrageously unjust rulings and conduct by a “hanging judge” in the case that crippled Ed Steele’s chances for a fair trial. There are so many examples of miscarriages of justice in the trial that Mrs. Steele and Kelso talked for another hour after this show ended of more instances of judicial error and misconduct, and lies by the prosecution. Mrs. Steele will return to the microphone to share more of what she witnessed of every minute of this railroading of her husband, and of all of us by rotten elements of the judiciary and law enforcement.

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