Jamie Kelso, May 10, 2011

May 10, 2011

Kevin MacDonald writes a very important essay on the work of Helmuth Nyborg. Jamie Kelso’s May 10, 2011 show is based on “The Decay of Western Civilization: Double Relaxed Natural Selection” by this Danish professor of psychology at Aarhus University. You better be sitting down during this show, because Professor Nyborg’s research concludes that the average Danish IQ will have dropped by 21 points (!) from 1850 to 2050 due to the invasion of Denmark by non-Whites, as well as other dysgenic birth patterns. This critically important MacDonald essay is at Dr. MacDonald is on the Board of Directors of the American Third Position political party. Kelso urges listeners to contribute immediately at to the A3P debut campaign of Harry Bertram for Governor of West Virginia. For tomorrow’s program, Cyndi Steele will attempt to join us on the air live on May 11.

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