Jamie Kelso, Apr. 28, 2011

April 28, 2011

The first three days of the preposterous murder-for-hire trial of Edgar Steele are the subject of the April 28, 2011 Jamie Kelso Show. A jury of eleven women and one man was picked on the opening day, Tuesday, April 26. The prosecution has opened with the preposterous case that Cyndi Steele anticipated in her 14 hours of interviews on the Kelso program. In spite of the very bad news that Judge Lynn Winmill has excluded the key testimony of defense audio experts who can discredit the federal recording evidence, there may be good news in the fact that the prosecution case is full of the discredited arguments that Mrs. Steele anticipated. In fact, the prosecution case is turning out to be even more absurd, and unbelievable, than what Mrs. Steele had talked about on this show. The actual criminal who, in effect, admits that he attempted murder by putting deadly bombs on the Steele cars testified that Steele wanted him to kill the wife and mother-in-law that he loved, but ALSO a dozen OTHER people, including judges! This criminal Fairfax also admitted on the stand that he is writing a book about his exploits in this case! Join us tomorrow as we look for further news reports of the unfolding absurdities which constitute the prosecution’s case. And stay tuned for the defense case which will be presented next week. More discussion of the importance for all patriots of the Steele defense can be found at Kelso’s website and at

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