Jamie Kelso, Apr. 27, 2011

April 27, 2011

West Virginia is a great State for White patriot politics. Jamie Kelso talks this up in his April 27, 2011 radio show. As Membership Coordinator for the American Third Position party, Kelso urges all listeners to help out the A3P’s debut campaign featuring fellow patriot Harry Bertram running for the empty Governor’s seat in a special October 4, 2011 election. We have until May 20, 2011 to raise $1,500 for Harry’s filing fee. You can make a big difference with the biggest contribution that you can afford at We will be on that ballot on October 4th. Call Kelso at 561 351-4424 to find out ways that you can help. This 2011 campaign is a unique off-year chance to get a one-year jumpstart on the 2012 election cycle. Harry’s campaign is going to be the model for hundreds of A3P candidates in learning how to get on the ballot, how to make radio ads, how to campaign, how to get press coverage, and everything else that we patriots have been neglecting for too many years since the disbandment of the Populist Party back in the early 1990′s. Don Wassall, directing our A3P efforts, was the Chairman of the 1988 and 1992 Populist Party national campaigns that did so well. We can do it again…and do it even better with all of that experience behind us. Be sure to add the websites promoting the Bertram campaign and the A3P to your favorites:,, and A3P Directors and Members like Tom Sunic, Kevin MacDonald, William Johnson, James Edwards, Matt Parrott, Alex Carmichael, and Harry Bertram will be frequent future guests on this show as we get this party going.

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