The Mark Weber Report: The IHR Under Attack, the US Constitution, and American Decline

April 13, 2011

US flag and Constitution

Weber reports on a recent wave of smears, intimidation and harassment against the IHR by the Jewish Defense Organization and other hate groups. This is the most vicious targeting of the IHR in years.

He also talks about the simplistic, “shortcut” thinking of many Americans, who believe that things can be turned around by “returning” to the US Constitution. What’s crucially important in a nation, he says, is not its constitution, but rather the quality and character of its people and leadership, and the society’s basic values, ideology and worldview. “The health of the people is the supreme law” is the paramount principle of a healthy society.

Many people believe that America’s prosperity and preeminence in the world in the 1950-1980 era was due to the supposed superiority of its constitutional, social-political system. In fact, this period of prosperity and preeminence is largely because the US is the only developed nation to emerge from World War II with its industry and infrastructure intact. This is the only important country that had not been battered or destroyed in the war.

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