The Sunic Journal: F. Roger Devlin on Solzhenitsyn

April 12, 2011

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Tom Sunic and F. Roger Devlin discuss:

  • How the anti-Russian character of the Bolshevik revolution parallels the anti-White movement in the West today;
  • Solzhenitsyn’s works, The Red Wheel and Two Hundred Years Together;
  • The Jewish involvement in the Russian revolutions of 1917;
  • Why is Solzhenitsyn is important–politically, aesthetically and intellectually–for nationalists today.

About F. Roger Devlin

To learn more about F. Roger Devlin and his unique perspective read his insightful essays at The Occidental Quarterly, TOQonline and VDARE. His important book Alexandre Kojeve and the Outcome of Modern Thought can be found here on Amazon.

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