The Mark Weber Report: Why Germany Lost—Behind the Soviet Victory in World War II

April 6, 2011

Hitler and Stalin

Mark Weber first explains why US military intervention in the Libya conflict is illegal and blatantly violates the US constitution. This is not a new or unique practice. Such lawlessness has been characteristic of US foreign policy for decades, and is part of the reason why so many people around the world regard the US government as two-faced, hypocritical and untrustworthy.

In part this lawlessness is an expression of the imperial pretentions of the US as a morally superior world policeman. Moreover, the leaders of both major US political parties have a long record of putting partisan interests ahead of the law, and of the national interest.

Responding to a question from an IHR supporter, Weber explains why Germany lost World War II, or, more specifically, why it was defeated by the Soviet Union. He shows that Hitler and Germany’s military leadership badly underestimated the colossal scale and scope of Soviet military power. In that regard, he cites Hitler’s own statements on this, as well as analysis of astute historians.

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