Jamie Kelso, Apr. 1, 2011: Wesley Hoyt & Roland Hinkson

April 1, 2011

A rot has set into the American judicial system. Utterly corrupt elements in the American government are now filing false charges against patriots to destroy them and to demoralize the patriot resistance. Edgar J. Steele and David Hinkson are two current victims of such whole-cloth fabrication. Steele and Hinkson are fortunate to have very dedicated family members and friends who are working to free them. Edgar Steele has had Mrs. Cyndi Steele fighting for him for 10 months. David Hinkson has had his father Roland Hinkson fighting for him for years. As today’s live interview with Mrs. Steele’s attorney Wesley Hoyt and with Roland Hinkson airs, Edgar Steele is confined in the county jail in Boise, Idaho, awaiting his April 26th trial, and David Hinkson faces, in Florence prison Colorado, most of the insane 43-year prison sentence that was inflicted on this utterly innocent family man now in his fifties.

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