The Mark Weber Report: Deceit For War: Roosevelt, Johnson, Obama

March 30, 2011

Lyndon B. Johnson

Mark Weber talks about the recent US military intervention in the Libya conflict. This foolish and dangerous involvement, he says, furthers no authentic American interest, and has no constitutional authority. And by launching it without debate or congressional approval, President Obama is violating pledges he made as a candidate Although he justifies it as necessary to save Libyan lives, the US did not intervene when many more civilians were killed, for example, in Israel’s military invasions of neighboring Lebanon. Contrary to what many conservatives claim, the policies of President Obama and his administration show remarkable continuity with those of his predecessors, both Democratic and Republican.

Weber cites lies and deceit by earlier presidents to generate support for war by gullible Americans. He recalls lies by President Roosevelt to justify his 1941 order to attack German and Italian ships on the high seas, in crass violation of international law. Weber also cites President Johnson’s deceit about the 1964 “Gulf of Tonkin” incident, which he used to secure congressional blank check authorization for unlimited US military action in Southeast Asia. Weber also speaks about Lyndon Johnson’s long record of mendacity, recalling, for example, his fraud in a 1948 US Senate election.

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