The Sunic Journal: Interview with Daniel Sienkiewicz

March 22, 2011

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Dr. Sunic and Daniel Sienkiewicz have a free ranging discussion on Poland – from its ancient history to its present and future prospects – in aid of the struggle for Europe and its native peoples. Topics include:

  • Ancient Poland, and its disputes with the Teutons and the Prussians;
  • Sobieski and the Poles’ rescue of Vienna;
  • The vulnerabilities inherent in Poland’s Enlightenment-based principles and constitution;
  • Poland’s attempts to regain the nation which finally succeed with Pilsudski;
  • The Poles’ cracking of the Enigma, Nazi secret coding machine;
  • Some observations on the post-Communist mentality of Poland.

Daniel Sienkiewicz is a White separatist expat lurking in Eastern Europe. He is of half Polish and half Italian extraction, with a racial awareness born against the Newark, New Jersey race riots of the late 1960s, feminism and forced integration of the 1970s, and the psychological manipulation of the mass media in promotion of miscegenation in the 1980s. He did graduate studies in the USA in the 1990s to cultivate interpretive/critical method in advancement of White interests; while not surprisingly unable to complete that program in the hostile environment of the American university, he has continued this effort independently ever since, writing and discussing his explorations on ways to apply hermeneutics, social constructionism, pervasive ecology, other supposedly Leftist and “Jewish” disciplines, but rather for the interests of Whites. Not liking where America’s rule structure and demographic make-up were headed, and wanting to reconnect with his roots, he moved to Eastern Europe.

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