Jamie Kelso, Mar. 15, 2011

March 15, 2011

Wilmot Robertson describes five sorts of White folks to whom he ascribes the “Split in the Ranks” described in Chapter 11 of his “The Dispossessed Majority”: Gracchites, Trucklers, Pussyfooters, Old Believers, and Proditors. These five somewhat obscure categories might be described as Whites working against their own race as: Old aristocracy, Self-made graspers, Do-nothings, Delusional do-gooders, and Nasties who are truly evil. That last term “proditor” for the truly nastyl was borrowed by Robertson from Shakespeare’s I Henry VI, act 1, scene 3: “thou most usurping proditor, and not protector of the king or realm.” Find out more, including what a Gracchite is, in the March 15, 2011 Jamie Kelso show.

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