The Heretics’ Hour: Sex & Death—More Adolf Hitler Lies

March 14, 2011

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Carolyn continues separating fact from fiction about der Führer and again warns of Gordon Duff’s disinformation. Topics include:

  • Questions on young Hitler’s inheritance;
  • Was Hitler a homosexual? Are you kidding?
  • The “one-testicle” rumor—where it came from;
  • Soviets did not find Hitler’s remains;
  • Gordon Duff’s strange “G-tt Mit Uns”;
  • Duff the “historian” on anti-Semitic violent Christians, Julius Streicher, euthanasia, and the Reichstag Fire;
  • But his readers are starting to catch on.

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9 Responses to “The Heretics’ Hour: Sex & Death—More Adolf Hitler Lies”

  1. Whodareswings on March 15th, 2011 8:16 pm

    At the end of the documentary movie about the Jewish refugees psychological warfare soldiers trained at Fort Ritchie, MD two elderly “Ritchie Boys” have a good laugh over the story about Hitler’s one testicle they claim to have planted in the German press. This isn’t that scene, and I don’t know how believable these two ex- psy war soldiers are, but you can get a sense of how much pride and pleasure they took in the post war mischief they made here:

    I’m convinced Gordon Duff is modern day “Ritchie Boy.” His corkscrew logic is a sure sign something is not quite right with the website he oversees. Who in their right mind and in good conscience would want to be a veteran today?!

    Duff, the magic disinfo agent worked with the Hebes
    And frolicked in his “limited hangout” like The Abominable Dr. Phibes.
    Little Julian Assange loved that rascal Duff,
    and sent him leaks and gravlax lox and other fancy stuff.

    Together they would travel in a row boat made of teak,
    Julian kept a lookout perched on Dufff”s gigantic beak.
    Cyber kings and princes would bow whene’er they came,
    Garbage scows would dip their bows when Duff roared out his name. Oh!

    Duff, the magic disinfo agent worked with the Hebes
    And froliced in his “limited hangout” like The Abomininble Dr. Phibes.
    Little Julian Assange loved that rascal Duff,
    and sent him leaks and gravlax lox and other fancy stuff.

    Truth lives on forever but not so little guys
    ginned up news and giant Jews make way for other lies .
    One grey night it happened, His paymasters came no more
    And Duff that mighty disinfo agent, he ceased his fearless roar.

    His head was bent in sorrow, his name disappeared like snow,
    Duff no longer went to play, along Embassy Row.
    Without being the controlled opposition, he didn’t have no sway
    So Duff that mighty disinfo agent he sadly slipped away. Oh!

    Duff, the magic disinfo agent worked with the Hebes
    And frolicked in his “limited hangout” like The Abomininble Dr. Phibes.
    Little Julian Assange loved that rascal Duff,
    and sent him leaks and gravlax lox and other fancy stuff.

  2. Steve F on March 15th, 2011 8:51 pm


    Do you happen to know why Hitler was rejected by the Austrian army?
    Was it due to a respiratory ailment or something like that?
    I know it wasn’t because He was a “one-bagger”, or a sodomite, but it seems to me that I read somewhere that He had some kind of ailment.

    Oh, and by the way…..good show!

  3. Carolyn on March 15th, 2011 9:22 pm

    Steve F.,

    Thanks. No I don’t. Maser doesn’t say so he no doubt could not find any information. If he couldn’t, I sure can’t.

    I “think” (haha, here we go) it might just have been that Hitler was underweight, perhaps undernourished at the time. Maybe he took something to make it appear something was wrong with him; maybe he revealed a poor psychological attitude toward the Army, on purpose. Well, just some not very inspired ideas.

  4. Carolyn on March 15th, 2011 9:31 pm


    Those Richie Boys are so vile – the whole concept they represented. That would make a good program. But Duff is too young for that – he was in Vietnam, in security services!! I suppose you just meant symbolically he was a Ritchie.

    Since the body the Soviets had, had only one testicle, these fakers were taking credit for something they didn’t do. Figures. Nothing can be believed. Evidence must in all cases be required in the Jewish ruled world we now live in.

  5. Von Riemann on March 15th, 2011 10:10 pm

    This will be my last post, and won’t bother you anymore on here Carolyn…

    Some other good myths that I heard in school by teachers [Jewish], and still hear being promulgated in the main-stream, whether it’s via (MSM) propagandist on both sides, or, main-stream academics, are…

    1.) Hitler was anti-smoking [False: Hitler promoted purity/health in all forms of the body and spirit, and why Hitler didn't endorse smoking, and banned smoking in Government buildings, Hitler did not outlaw smoking in Reich in bars, restaurants, homes, public, etc; by citizens]
    2) Hitler was anti-gun and stripped all Germans of their guns [False: That was Communism/Soviets, and why 100 million Europeans lost their lives...Hitler was extremely Pro-Gun and had official shooting/collecting/sporting clubs for German-Reich citizens...As a matter of fact: When last days of the Reich came, and the Allies where entering Berlin, the (Volk-Sturm) or "Peoples Storm", consisted of German civilians and their private guns as all resources had been exhausted]
    3) Hitler outlawed Hunting [True and False: Hitler outlawed only Kosher-Slaughter and maltreatment of animals <like seen in the YT bideos of Kosher plants abusing Cows, etc: but did allow regulated hunting on government reserves as seen in America with permits/limits, etc; via the German Hunting Society 1934-1945, as long as it was supervised according to Reich-law humane treatment of animals]

    [German Hunting Service Flag]

    4.) Hitler was a sadist who loved to torture animals since his childhood especially his dogs [Blatantly False: Hitler was a greatest lover of animals, and it was his tragic loss of his dog in WW1 from an Artillery shell, that led him to Animal rights and Ecology protection and under the T-4 Euthanasia one who was caught involved in animal cruelty was sterilized and put into hospitals or outright Euthanized. Hitler never got over his loss of his dog from WW1, and when Hitler died his beloved dogs Wulf and Blondie were beside him, and cremated & poisoned. Hitler was renowned for his nature hikes, and built his Berghof and Wolf's-Lair in wooded-mountainous regions... NS was all about animals, nature, earth, etc]…

    The one-testicle rumour began if I am not mistaken here in America in New York by Jews, and in Britain against the Kaiser during WW1 it was propagandized that the Kaiser had one testicle as well. So that is a complete fraud, and pure slander/defamation to degrade/ridicule Hitler into something low/inferior….

    I agree, Hitler was not a Homosexual, he was Celibate meaning he did not desire men or women, although he did love women as he did his niece, etc; who committed suicide… There is also a myth/lie out that Hitler had fornication with a English woman, and fathered a child, which is also garbage/lie..Hitler was devoted to Germany as a nation and people, in working to correct the matters, and relationships would’ve distracted/interfered with that process, although the German people did want him to have children as Gen.Otto Remer stated in an IHR interview in 1987….
    Homosexuality is a Marxist/Communist/Frankfurt-School disease/institution, brought to America by the Jews and Blacks during the 60′s so-called sexual-revolution…Hitler dealt with Homosexuals by Euthanasia, incarceration, or sterilization… The system cannot claim that Hitler ruthlessly exterminated Homosexuals, then say he was one—that’s contradictory and hypocritical…

    The fact that Soviets did not find Hitler’s remains is true, I believe…I watched a program some time ago on the television, where they DNA tested the Skull remains in Russian archives claiming to be Hitlers and Eva’s and turned out that it was not them [there is also news articles about this]…Soviets also claimed to either have, or, buried the Goebbels family, which I believe to be false as well.. The Allies are now trying to say that the remains were taken and cremated, and then scattered across the Elbe river{but what a coincidence like in the Holo, they choose a scenario of liquidation where they don’t have to prove anything to the sheep,as the evidence went up in smoke, etc]. There is a lot of conspiracy theories, but who knows for sure, until evidence is discovered or released detailing this situation…

  6. Rob on March 16th, 2011 8:21 pm

    Carolyn, any insights on the often repeated claim about Hilter’s alleged sexual relationship with his niece, Geli Raubal?

  7. Carolyn on March 16th, 2011 10:42 pm

    Rob, this is as speculative as whether Hitler knew and approved of Rudolf Hess’ flight to Scotland.

    Werner Maser actls like he knows it all, but without presenting any evidence. He calls Geli the “love of Hitler’s life.” And that he tried to committ suicide after her suicide. The story goes he had a gun in his hand and turned it toward himself when Rudolf Hess reached out and turned it away. Even if true, that doesn’t mean he was going to pull the trigger.

    Also, while Geli was living with him and he escorted her places at night, he was seeing Eva Braun in the daytime and escorting her. And seeing other women at times, too. Maser said it was jealousy, and believing she would never have Hitler that caused Geli to kill herself. He asserts that Geli was truly in love with AH, but AH was not so devoted to her. This doesn’t sound like the “love of his life.”

    Others say Hitler loved Geli, who was his half-niece, but not in a sexual way. Or at least, he didn’t consummate sexual relations with her. That seems most likely to me. Just based on the kind of person AH was; his sense of propriety and protecting the innocent; I don’t think he would have a sexual affair with his niece unless he intended to marry her. She may have killed herself because she knew he didn’t. I’ve also read that he was strict with her like a father. She wanted more freedom to come and go and he forbade it, to prevent her from getting herself into trouble. The anti-Hitler types say his reason was that he wanted her all to himself and she felt over-controlled and that’s why she killed herself. That doesn’t make sense, psychologically, for suicide.

    You can love people you’re related to in special ways, I think. That’s how Hitler loved Geli. She was like a daughter, but wasn’t a daughter. He was like a father but wasn’t her father. A complicated business, feeling-wise. But I don’t think Maser backs up at all the claim he makes at the end of his chapter “Women” that Geli was “the great love of his life.” It’s just that no one else was either, so Maser decides someone had to be.

  8. Capricorn on March 16th, 2011 11:55 pm

    Both Gordon Duff and Carolyn are wrong about the motto on SS belt buckles: It was “Meine Ehre Heisst Treue” (My Honor is called Loyalty). The motto “Gott Mit Uns” (God With Us) appeared only on uniform buckles of the German Army [Heer] and Navy [Kriegsmarine]. There was no motto whatever on Luftwaffe buckles.

    If Gordon Duff were an actual historian, he ought to have known this elementary material. Carolyn — a woman with no military background — is forgiven.

  9. Carolyn on March 17th, 2011 9:48 am

    Thanks, Capricorn. I was going along with Duff’s article. So now we have another example of his ignorance and the errors he continually passes off to his readers. You should write this as a comment under that article at VT and see if he or anyone would reply to it.

    Of course, he is not a historian, but he actually referred to himself as one several times on a radio interview with Kevin Barrett. Naturally, Barrett does not challenge him no matter what he says.