Radio Free Indiana: Kievsky, Paul Kersey interviews

March 9, 2011

Cover of 'SBPDL'

Matt Parrott features special guest Kievsky with a special “The Mind Weapon Show” in the first segment.

In the second segment, interviews Paul Kersey, the author of the Stuff Black People Don’t Like blog and author of his recently published book: Stuff Black People Don’t Like, Year One: 365 Days iin Black Run America.

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2 Responses to “Radio Free Indiana: Kievsky, Paul Kersey interviews”

  1. blackbart on March 16th, 2011 4:04 am


    White people generally don’t care to move into other ethnic communities. Other ethnic groups, however, prefer to move into White communities. That makes developing a White community difficult.

  2. Kievsky on March 16th, 2011 8:07 am

    I had a profound idea during this radio show, and that was this:

    The reason millions of whites here in the US are so self destructive and racially nihilistic is because overconsumption of mass media made them mentally dull, and boring to themselves, and boring to one another.

    Being intellectually passive and incurious makes life unbearably boring and meaningless. And such people are not able to form lasting bonds with each other — hence the epidemic of divorce and the massive reduction in marriage (shacking up).

    Bad divorce laws that are very unfair to men and fathers is also certainly a factor, and American men have a reason to go on a “marriage strike.”

    But if you observe the ordinary people in Middle America, you’ll see that they watched so much TV and played so much videogame that they became BORING TO THEMSELVES. This is a recipe for total nihilism — obesity, hard drugs, race-mixing, et cetera.

    If you as a parent want your kids to respect you and follow your lead, you must be intellectually alive, and share it with them, something like the “tiger mom” Amy Chua, but not quite as rigid. For example, sports and theater are both worth doing, and there is still enough time to learn calculus and physics and piano.

    Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn was a “tiger dad” long before Amy Chua. He raised 2 kids, Ignat and Stepan. I met the latter in the summer of 1990 in Northfield, Vermont. He homeschooled both of them with tutors and music teachers who came to his house in Coventry, Vermont. Ignat became a concert pianist. Stepan just seemed like a well adjusted, happy kid who happened to have a really good education.

    Solzhenitsyn was horrified at American anti-intellectualism and predicted the doom of the West because of liberalism. Unfortunately, anti-intellectualism is a hallmark of Americanism, and a lot of conservatives hew to “Americanism” along with anti-intellectualism.

    It’s true that liberals believe themselves to be smarter than us. Look at the NPR guy, Ron Schiller, calling us stupid.

    The correct response to liberal snobs is not to be even more anti-intellectual, but rather to throw yourself into things like math, science, medicine/research, foreign languages, and business. We have the raw ability as a race to do this, but anti-intellectualism and laziness is holding many of us back. Whenver the subject of liberal snobs comes up, I always think of this scene from Cape Fear:

    “I can out think you . . . I can out philosophize you . . . I can out fight you . . . I can outlast you.”

    This is because we on the Right have the raw passion, the thermonuclear rage. They have the institutions now, but we have the Spirit. We need to channel this rage into intellectual and financial pursuits (like Asians and Jews do).

    And in the meantime, being intellectually alive is just happier. I know some research scientists up in Massachusetts, and they have a really fun workplace. They have multiple employee music ensembles — classical and jazz and rock, just in one company. Their relationships work better. They are physically healthier. The only downside is they don’t have kids much because they don’t have an outlook of a racial future.

    This what we need to change. We need to create our own scientific and business intelligentsia again, that has an outlook of a White racial future.