The Heretics’ Hour: More Hitler Myths Put to Rest

March 7, 2011

Werner Maser
Historian Werner Maser

Some of the common slanders directed at Adolf Hitler as a youth up to 1919 are corrected in the light of real evidence. Topics include:

  • Adolf Hitler’s father did not beat him;
  • Hitler was never a house painter;
  • An inheritance from his parents allowed him a decent lifestyle;
  • He was fairly successful from 1910-1914 at selling his paintings;
  • He was particular about his appearance and dressed well;
  • He was not a “Red” but an education and political agent for the new Reichswehr after the Freikorps liberated Munich in 1919.

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19 Responses to “The Heretics’ Hour: More Hitler Myths Put to Rest”

  1. A German on March 9th, 2011 1:06 pm

    Carolyn I’m a bit in disagreement with you today.
    I think the beatings were real.

    Just think of it, if you write a political biography by which you want to attract people into your movement and give the world a literarily heritage, would you brag about a father who was a domestic tyrant and child beater?

    And a 2nd thing, in the 19th and early 20th century it was totally normal to beat your children or be beaten by your father.
    They considered it normal measures in an upbringing.
    Perhaps it was so normal that Hitler didn’t even think of mentioning it.

    But this does not mean that I agree with Maser and the Jew authors. Being beaten up by his father did not make Hitler automatically a psycopathic mass killer.
    That’s hobby psychology and voodoo historiography.

    We’ve millions of people who got beaten up by their parents, but we don’t have millions of psychopathic mass murderers.
    This argument of Maser and alikes is total bogus.

    And you’re right. Hitler was NOT a Red!
    The reason why was there on these pictures was, as you finely explained, he was a homeless disoriented veteran and tried at first to understand what the heck was going on in Germany and his Bavaria in 1919.
    And he still was a member of his Bavarian Regiment 16, they HAD to appear at the funeral of Eisner, if he wanted or not, that was an order! It was a state funeral.
    That’s why we can see him in this marching column.

    Same as today, I presume 80% of the US Marines are right wingers and hate Obama, but they have to march in front of him as long as he is the head of state.

    And for Hitler being rich or poor, I’m also not so sure.
    I think he somehow tanked in Vienna and had a hard time there.
    BUT he freed himself from this situation by producing his art and selling it.
    And if he, as you said Carolyn, earned 100 Mark in Munich per month, that was a huge amount of money!

    Back then a 1 kilo bread, which costs today 3 Euros, cost only a few Pfennige (Pennies)!
    And the rent was perhaps 20-50 Mark, depends on how big his apartment was. If he had only rented one room, he certainly spent only 20 Mark on the monthly rent.

    And you’re right, he was, despite all the smearing, a very good artist!
    Not as good as Raphael, Michelangelo or Leonardo da Vinci, but certainly better than Picasso, in any case healthier.

    I have some of his pictures hanging in my rooms. For example his picture of Christ with Mother Mary and I always recoice when people are visiting me and say how beautiful these pictues are, not knowing whom they are lauding ;-)

    Closing, it’s really a pity Carolyn that you don’t speak German, if so I would send you the book “Lügen über Hitler” (Lies about Hitler), which the NSDAP themselves published in 1930, where they listed 120 lies against Hitler which they stopped completely in court. The NSDAP won every single court case!

    And what’s interesting, the lies which are described in this book are exactly they same lies which these imbecile Duffmen and alikes are using and repeating today.

    At the end the whole topic “Hitler and lies about him” is only possible, because he was defeated and is long dead.
    And today every idiot, who thinks he’s a big shot, goes forward and smears the man who can’t defend himself anymore.
    But that just demonstrated what pitiful creatures these smearers are!

    In German we say: “One lets the dead rest.”

    P.S. You said you’re an artist yourself, can we see the artwork somewhere?

  2. primaudaye on March 9th, 2011 5:14 pm

    Hi Carolyn, Thanks for your most interesting programs. Here are links to two short YouTube videos: 2:15 Paintings by Adolf Hitler azazel87 3:55 Paintings by Adolf Hitler Part 2 azazel87

  3. Carolyn on March 9th, 2011 9:40 pm

    Hi German,

    Yes, there were beatings, according to AH, but not so many that it was a regular occurance. I’m looking for the references to them and will revisit that on Monday. Also whether he ever worked as a laborer. Turns out I had missed that during 1909 he moved around quite a bit and that was the year he lived in the most lower-class places. So I think he was telling the truth about that in Mein Kampf after all. I’m glad to know he wasn’t trying to invent himself.

    You are wrong to put Werner Maser together with the Jewish writers. He did not write the things you’re attributing to him. Maybe you misunderstood the program. Maser didn’t say Hitler was beaten by his father. He tried to account for every part of his life where they were any records to go by. He dispells a lot of these lies; that’s why I contrast what he said with what Langer writes.

    So I’m going to correct any errors, and go into a few more areas, like sex and women, in the next program. Also the authenticity of “Table Talk.” You are so right it’s too bad I don’t read German. The only reliable “Table Talk” are in German, never translated. I would love to read “Luegen Ueber Hitler.”

    I need to take the time to put some images of my paintings on my website. I ‘ve decided I should do that. But I will have to upgrade my entire webhosting account because I’m already reaching my space limit. It’s just a matter of getting it all done.

    To all: I did write up the information on Hitler’s genealogy and it is now posted at “The Legend of Adolf Hitler’s “Jewish Grandfather.” Good for reference and to send people to. It’s on the front page and also under My Articles.

  4. Von Riemann on March 9th, 2011 10:38 pm

    Excellent show Carolyn, I do disagree with you on 1 thing, and that is that Hitler wasn’t abused, as I have a paperback copy of “Mein Kampf” right-here in my hobby-shelf [first book I ever read in HS], and in the very first chapter, titled…(“In The House of My Parents”), Hitler mentions his father used to beat him a-lot, as well cheat on his mother and a drunk {I don’t know the exact verbiage, would have to read Mein Kampf again, last time was in HS}, so I do believe Hitler was abused on his childhood…Hitler also mentions, in the first chapter…(“The House Of My Parents”) that he had nothing but hatred for his father, and love for his mother who died of, I believe, breast cancer—and that when his mother was buried, at the funeral he couldn’t cry for his mother because he had her love; but when his father died he could not hold back the tears of both love and hatred for his dad.

    Regardless, whether Hitler was or not…you’re correct about the Jews/Zionist and Allieds blatantly using it as propaganda and blatantly fabricating, distorting, and manipulating it against Hitler like they do to our people today with mental-health psychiatry making us out to be a criminal street dregs, unintelligent, uneducated, etc. At the same time, Hitler should talk about it as he did and should allow it not too build up, or else they’ll just use it against Hitler for being a “denier/liar” who has dark-secrets in his past, which they’ll just in return use to prove their lies about Hitler being Jewish!!! If Hitler was traumatized/abused as a child, he deserves our remorse, compassion, sympathy,empathy, respect, etc; for struggle and enduring what Hitler did—not looked-down as something wretched, broken, unwanted, criminal, etc. I also don’t try justifying the abuse either like others do, simply because others do it, or it was more common back then. There is a major difference between a belting, smacking, spanking, soap in the mouth to you puke, etc; like my mother and her uncles did to me—and beating your child nearly to death, and picking your 3 year-old child [me] up and tossing him across the room up against the wall because he didn’t like me and stop crying for mother like my dad did…

    If you look at what these Jews and the Allies are smearing Hitler with, they simply are talking about their own-selves and their crimes in vivid detail—not Hitlers. Those smears like Hitler being a sexual-predator from Jews [i.e. so-called Holocau$t survivors] who produce and being-busted for Nazi-Holo snuff-porn films, like…(Shewolf of the SS) film, among others…

    I will not accept anything from the Jews and Allies anymore…they cannot tell the truth and get caught in fraud and lying, 24/7; and deliberate-schemese, not an honest little mistakes like forgetting the exact date/time something occurred, etc

    As for the notorious Communist child-molester Kurt Eisner [relative of the sick Talmudic Communist CEO Michael Eisner of Walt Disney's empire]—I agree with you, Hitler spoke virulently against Kurt Eisner several times in [Mein Kampf], so that throws the notion out the window of their conspiracy. Once again it’s Jews trying to discredit/demoralize/denigrate Hitler and turn our people off of him [especially since Hitler globally is becoming main-stream as people look-up to him and his message, especially in India, Japan] by associating Hitler with the real criminal mass-murdering Capitalist-Communist like the Bolsheviks-Anarchist organizations.

  5. Von Riemann on March 9th, 2011 11:43 pm

    That being said: Hitler and the (DAP/NSDAP) were not strictly anti-communist per-say, they were “Anti-Marxist” and “Anti-Democrat/Liberal”…The majority of the (NSDAP/DAP) were formers from the Bolshevik party—including Rudolph Hess, Joseph Goebbels, Ernst Rohm, Gregor Strasser, Adolf Eichmann, and mass others… Joseph Goebbels and Hitler gave numerous speeches to Communist parties, such as in 1927 to-the (Bavarian People’s Communist Party) urging them to join the (NSDAP), in attacks both against the Capitalist-Bourgeois Conservative right-wing as the mortal enemy, as well as Marxism-Communism, Liberalism, Zionism,etc.

    “Heil Moskau!” Der Angriff. Aufsätze aus der Kampfzeit (Munich: Zentralverlag der NSDAP., 1935)

    National-Socialism is not a right-wing Conservative movement, its a third-position which looks at both the right and left being enemies of our people in the 2 party parliamentary system, seeing Communism as a revolutionary form of Capitalism and Zionism, especially the right-wing along with it—albeit it is more left-wing oriented front, which is why the majority of NS came from the left like [Horst Mahler] did. Fascism, is Italian-Socialism!!! Mussolini’s father was a National-Anarchist and his mother was a Catholic Nationalist and Socialist, and Mussolini was raised in Socialist party.—Early-Life&id=4698730

    While I agree whole-heartedly that Hitler and the NSDAP were Anti-Communist/Liberal/Democrat etc; in ways they weren’t.. It requires dissecting the (Good) and (Bad) sort-of-speak, and what the struggle was about…Another disinfo against Hitler, was that he was a Freemason—which is partially truth [I know this because of my family ties to Hitler in bringing him to power, and such organizations], and partially not—again you have to dissect between German-Masonry such as Thule, Philosophical Society, Savitry Devi, Lebenfels, Germanian Order, etc; vs. Jewish-Liberal/Egalitarian/Democratic “Freemasonry” such as the Scottish Right, B’Nai B’rith, Illuminati, Opus Dei, etc…

    “All the supposed abominations, the skeletons and death’s head, the coffins and the mysteries, are mere bogeys for children. But there is one dangerous element and that is the element I have copied from them. They form a sort of priestly nobility. They have developed and esoteric doctrine more merely formulated, but imparted through the symbols and mysteries in degrees of initiation. The hierarchical organization and the initiation through symbolic rites, that is to say, without bothering the brain by working on the imagination through magic and the symbols of a cult, all this has a dangerous element, and the element I have taken over. Don’t you see that our party must be of this character…? An Order, the hierarchial Order of a secular priesthood.” – Adolf Hitler on German Freemasonry

    So why, Hitler was a Nationalist with some feelings of support to German Masonry—he was at the same time viral against Freemasonry which like Communism, Hitler saw as Jewish and Anti=German [which he outlawed]. Hitler was not a Zionist, was not a Freemason {although showed support for German-Masonic lodges that shared Hitler’s Nationalistic, Racialist, Socialist, and Anti-Semitic feelings/beliefs]. Hitler was not a Rothchild,etc; Hitler had his own bank, the (Reich Bank) or (Deutsche Bank), and his own created currency the “Reichsmark”; which as W.Churchill stated numerously as justification of war against Hitler nearly bankrupted world-Jewry/Zionism which from day one financed the Communist/Soviets, such as Morgenthauian/Rothchild-Jew Communist [Moses Hoess] who created the bigoted slur “Nazi” to denote National-Socialism… Hilter had absolutely no reason, to make deals with the Jews, Communist, Capitalist/Zionist, etc; Hitler had all the power, and if Hitler was like they say—then why denigrate the man to death, even when he’s dead and no threat, these people [i.e.Jews, Communist, and their treasonous Gentile puppets with the Allied power structure] and cannot defend himself??? Why WW2 if Hitler was in league with them??? You don’t exterminate your friends, especially when those friends are short too come by and surrounded by enemies!!! It goes back to dissecting, fact from fiction, chalice lies/propaganda from the real Hitler!!!

    I agree with you @ Carolyn Yaeger: that these Jews and their Allied collaborators are only trying to see how cold-hearted, malice, sick, repulsive, heartless they can be in destroying Hitler from having any sort of humanity/likeness to him…

    We heard it all about Hitler; that he was a child-molester, homosexual, sexual-deviant, crude/farted a-lot [couldn't control his gastric in public], Jewish, etc; and now they trying to spread the myth/garbage that Hitler was not only half-Jewish—but he was Negroid mixed and born in Afrika…Speaking of which, would like Carolyn if she could??? touch on in maybe another “Myths of Hitler” broadcast.

  6. Von Riemann on March 10th, 2011 1:45 am

    Whether Hitler was poor after the war or not as it is claimed, I don’t know personally, as I wasn’t there to testify during his time; but considering the atmosphere of Germany/Austria after WW1 w/ the Jewish, Capitalist, and Communist treason/corruption of the Weimer regime—where Germans were starving to death by the thousands in the streets eating garbage, dead-animals, sewage, and even each other just to survive; I wouldn’t doubt it!!! As to what effect his after-war socio-economic plight occurred still needs to be talked about to decide, but you doing so is very helpful. Hitler did come from a fairly decent working middle-class family, so he wasn’t raised poor by any means, within terms of Ghetto’s and being homeless…

    I remember in [Mein Kampf"]: Hitler talking about living on the streets under card-board boxes as Jews walked on by in expensive suits with their noses up thinking they are better than the German as they spat on him [which eventually helped lead to his anti-Semitism] , but eventually things financially picked-up with his painting of pictures for people, often in coffee shops, etc…Hitler was definitely not poor when [Mein Kampf] was published as Gen.Otto Remer said in an interview to Stephanie Schoenman of [IHR] in 1987, which up until 1945 sold (est) 300 million copies outselling the Christian Bible still to this day, which @ $20 a book is around $15,000,000 give-or-take, not including the Jews/Communist/Capitalist who are making billions a year off of exploiting Hitler and his image, and stealing his (Mein Kampf) book/rights/proceeds, among other items, from sales. Hitler paid for everything out of his own pocket, including Hitler’s getaway retreats like the Berghof—never once taking public funds…

    That being said: Karl Marx never worked an honest hard-days manual-labor in his life for the benefit of the Germany and her people; and came from a Zionist-Jew-Capitalist upper-class rich Bourgeois family w/ ties to the Jewish-Rothchild Royal family of England [Bauer], and made {unlike Hitler} like a typical Jew {which Hitler wasn’t} his living exploiting, stealing-from, attacking, living-off of, denigrating, etc; others; especially the Proletariat/poor working-class which he claimed to promulgate the cause for in arms—but you never hear these Jews, Communist, and Allies ever drag Marx through the mud over Marx’s criminal hypocritical endeavors with his up-bringing, which says everything!!!

    Hitler was a talented artist indeed in his own right [and proven now that Hitler drew the Walt Disney characters like Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck] etc. Others trying to associate Hitler with a Picasso, Michelangelo, etc; is nonsense/silly and pointless because Hitler was not those figures, nor where they Hitler—each brought their own style and capabilities in their own turbulent time when there people were being persecuted, degenerating, exterminated, etc; to rouse a new spiritual/cultural in defense of the German and Latin people(s) and their ancient-cultures, nationalistic-identities, and social folkist communities…Hitler is Hitler, as Michelangelo is Michelangelo; just as Bach is Bach, and Wagner is Wagner; and Hugo Riemann is Hugo Riemann…

    I also agree with @ Carloyn Yeager, about how the Jews steal our Gentile surnames {in particular prominent Aryan/European families like my mother’s and father’s} and bastardized them into degenerate forms to conceal their identity… German surname Weisse/Witte(Anglo-Norman-American form is, White) became Jew Wise/Weizz/Weiscz/Weite, etc. German Metzger/Metz became Messler/Mezzler/Mezgher, etc. I been doing ancestral research since HS in 2001, for 10 years now, and noticed mass Jews stealing my mothers family ancient (White) surname including [Larry Dexter White] the Jew who signed the “Treaty of Versailles” and [Walter Francis Weiss, then changed to White] who was one of the Jews who founded the (NAACP)…You have too be careful with your ancestry/family these days because of the Jewish cult infiltrating into our Gentile families[and it's all of ours they are doing it too]!!!

  7. A German on March 10th, 2011 4:10 am

    You write veeeeery much, but also nonsense.
    There was no cannibalism after WW1 in Germany.
    And Hitler had his economic bad Vienna years BEFORE WW1!
    Hitler also didn’t write in his book that he hated his father.
    It appears to me you’ve never read the book.
    You seem to write much nonsese.
    “Heil Moscow”????
    Didn’t read all but the few sentences I’ve read of your posted book here seem to be very strange. Troll?

    Quality rather than quantity please.

  8. A German on March 10th, 2011 4:14 am

    Riemann wrote:
    “Hitler mentions his father used to beat him a-lot, as well cheat on his mother and a drunk {I don’t know the exact verbiage, would have to read Mein Kampf again,”

    Ah! I think I know where you have this from.
    In the chapter Vienna years he describes the proletarian millieu and how a unemployed worker is misbehaving and abusing his family and that he (Hitler) experienced such families in Vienna.
    I think you mistake something there.

  9. A German on March 10th, 2011 4:34 am

    You totally misunderstood the title “Heil Moskau!” of Goebbels’ article.
    It is meant ironically! I’ve read now this article.
    And in this article, Goebbels criticises the Communists in Germany for looking onto foreign countries for ideologic leadership.
    The Bolshevik regime in Soviet Russia, the international.
    And he criticises, that they rather fight for foreign issues “China for Chinese” than for Germany.
    A paralell to our time “Free Tibet” “Free Palestine” “Save Brasil’s Indio tribes” etc.
    And he states that the international is corrupt, it doesn’t matter how often they try to reform themselves “2nd 3rd 4th international”.
    And he calls for the communist Germans to forsake this way and to follow Hitler’s way and join the NSDAP.
    So, you see this article is not in the slightest way pro-Communism.

    Before making a judgement about something, you should try to understand the context.
    Sorry, for being Mr. Smarty-pants once again ;-)

  10. Mike Conner on March 10th, 2011 3:52 pm

    A German wrote:

    Quality rather than quantity please.

    @Von Riemann: I don’t intend offense, but I would ask you to follow this advice. The amount of material you’ve written should be placed on a blog. I suggest you start a blog and then give us here a link back to your extensive commentaries.

    Try to be more accurate and succinct.

  11. Carolyn on March 11th, 2011 10:15 am

    To someone who has Mein Kampf “on his shelf” but hasn’t read it since high school, yet says from “memory” what’s in it …. I have to say, “Open it up and take a look!”

    My Mein Kampf is the James Murphey translation; it does not mention anything about beatings or a beating in the section “In The Home of My Parents” or anywhere else. I cannot deny that it may say that in a different translation, but then it makes you wonder, doesn’t it? The Mannheim translation is the most commonly used [and available] but I didn’t want that one.

    The James Murphey translation was completed in Feb. 1939. What I have is that unabridged translation. When any of us repeat what Mein Kampf says, we should include what version/edition we’re quoting from. I would like those who have an MK that speaks of beatings to please quote it directly, with page no. and edition/translator. Otherwise, we’re just passing around recall and impressions.

    Even you, German, wrote: “I think the beatings were real.” Based on what? When did Hitler speak about them? According to Maser, H’s housekeeper Anna Winter said he told her he received beatings; the last one he got consisted of 32 strokes. That’s pretty severe. We have no reason to disbelieve Frau Winter, but perhaps no reason to believe her either.

    I agree with you, German, beatings were commonly given to boys by their fathers in those days. It was not considered abuse, and in no way can we make Hitler out to be an abused child. He admits more than once that he was a spirited boy, sometimes hard to manage. But we still have to have a reliable source for this question of beatings. Even the liar Langer says all we have, in the end, are Hitler’s own words in Mein Kampf. But my MK contains no such words! So give me the source, please.

    Additionaly, Werner Maser, in the first chapter of his book, “Childhood and Youth,” never mentions beatings. Nor do I find anything from an Internet search.

  12. A German on March 11th, 2011 11:11 am

    Certainly I haven’t read it in Mein Kampf.
    That’s true.
    I’ve firstly read about that in Marlis Steinart’s Hitler biography p.22ff.
    Steinert is from Geneve/Switzerland and a professor for history and international politics.
    She mentions the possible abuse but also quotes Maser who described an idyllic family life among the Hitlers.
    But you’re right, as long as there is no primary source:
    Hitler who mentioned it,
    this can all be made up!

    And yes I believe he was beaten, but I also believe that neither he nor his father took that serious, i.e. developed a hate for another, and I also don’t believe that the beatings affected Hitler’s psyche.
    It was just normal.

    Hell, even when I was a kid beatings were still considered normal.
    Only in the last 2 decades people think they have to show their kids no borders anymore and then they wonder why they have such little tyrants at home.

  13. Steve F on March 12th, 2011 1:18 am


    ” would you brag about a father who was a domestic tyrant and child beater?”

    No, I wouldn’t…..especially if I didn’t have such a father!

    “Perhaps it was so normal that Hitler didn’t even think of mentioning it”

    Or, perhaps it didn’t happen.
    Hey!…..I know how we could settle this…..let’s flip a coin!
    Or better yet…..let’s ask someone who “saw it with my own eyes”.

    “Being beaten up by his father did not make Hitler automatically a psycopathic mass killer”

    Hmm…..I wonder what did?

    “And you’re right, he was, despite all the smearing[no pun intended], a very good artist!”


    “So I think he was telling the truth about that in Mein Kampf after all. I’m glad to know he wasn’t trying to invent himself”

    Me too!…..It’s wonderful to know that He wasn’t a lying hypocrite…..well… least not ALL the time.

    German said:

    “Hitler also didn’t write in his book that he hated his father.
    It appears to me you’ve never read the book.
    You seem to write much nonsese”

    Carolyn said:

    “To someone who has Mein Kampf “on his shelf” but hasn’t read it since high school, yet says from “memory” what’s in it …. I have to say, “Open it up and take a look!”:

    German, and Carolyn…’re both Revisionists…..aren’t you familiar with “code-speak”?
    “Deportation” means “extermination”; “Shower” means “Gas chamber”; “Love” means “Hate”.

    I think I know where “Riemann” found the passage in Mein Kampf where Hitler said He hated His father; perhaps it’s this one:

    “At that our struggle became stalemate. The father would not abandon his ‘Never’, and I became all the more consolidated in my ‘Nevertheless’.
    Naturally the resulting situation was not pleasant. The old gentleman was bitterly annoyed; and indeed so was I, although I really loved him”

    Bingo!…..Hitler hated His father!

  14. A German on March 12th, 2011 2:58 am

    @Steve F
    You’re really a banterer! LOL
    The smearing pun was great ;-)
    Didn’t recognize it whe I wrote it. Great found. LOL

    The last one “I really loved him. Bingo!…..Hitler hated His father!”

    Yes, and on the beating you’re right “flip a coin”.
    I made my mind of reading secundary sources and biographies.
    Of course one can never be 100% certain without a primary source.
    Hitler himself, or perhpas his sister Paula or Kubischek.
    But all 3 didn’t write about that.

    And I think they wouldn’t have done it even if it happend.
    A different generation.
    Remember the WW2 generation who never lost a word for their whole life what they did during WW2?

  15. Steve F on March 12th, 2011 6:53 am


    Next to Carolyn, I’ve learned more from you than anyone else on this forum.
    Your comments are very informative, and interesting; but somehow, your characteristic logic and common sense are in hibernation on the matter of “Hitler’s abusive father”.

    “Yes, and on the beating you’re right “flip a coin””

    Certainly, you know I was only being sarcastic; you don’t determine truth or guilt by flipping a coin!

    “I made my mind of reading secundary sources and biographies”

    That is the stuff of which hoaxes are made.

    “Of course one can never be 100% certain without a primary source”

    One can never even be 1% certain without a primary source; as a matter of fact, all one can have is a David Irving “gut feeling”, or “in my mind”.

    “But all 3 didn’t write about that”

    Then, why are WE talking about it?

    “And I think they wouldn’t have done it even if it happend”

    Is that a “gut feeling”? ;-)

    If beatings were a regular occurance in Hitler’s childhood, He would have at least mentioned it; even if He didn’t harp on it, He would have at least mentioned it.
    If Hitler told Kubizek about it, he certainly would have mentioned it.
    And of all people, Paula would have at least alluded to it

  16. A German on March 12th, 2011 10:22 am

    @Steve F
    I agree, my opinion making is subjective.

    But look at a picture of Alois (Aloh-ease)!
    He does not look like a father who hugged and kissed his children. He looks very hard.
    And believe me, beating your kids was totally normal in these times.

    I give you an example, my grandmother told me that her father almost never beat her and her 8 siblings.
    But when he did it, he gave a serious spanking.
    That made such an impression on his 9 kids that he hadn’t to raise his hand when they misbehaved, he just had to look at them and the children went silent.
    And all 9 children loved their father!

    And Paula never ever would have written about it, because she deified her brother and didn’t want to hurt his remembrance.

    To understand this, you have to take the perspective of this generation.
    Just look how much we differ today compared to the generation of the 1950s.

  17. Carolyn on March 12th, 2011 11:36 am


    You should not go by the ONE picture of the two formal photos we have of Alois. What if we had only one picture of Adolf, where he is stern looking? Would that alone tell us about his personality? No.

    We all have stories to tell. On Deanna Spingola’s program last Thursday, I told how my father related to me [us?] about one beating he got from his father, which he resented to that very day and felt he did not deserve at all. He therefore did not believe in beating his children. Yet, my grandfather was an enlightened, extrovert, gifted, greatly loved and admired man of all who knew him. I knew him until I was in the 4th grade and I, along with my siblings, can attest to that. My father thought so too, once he was past the age of being disciplined. Enough of that, however.

    I feel sure Adolf got some beatings from his father, perhaps for standing up against his wishes, and for the poor grades he was getting in school. As you say, normal. The problem is turning that into “regular” or even “daily” beatings by an abusive father. So, to counter that kind of talk or propaganda, I think it’s okay to say that Alois didn’t beat Adolf. Do you follow what I mean … you and Steve F., and Von Rieman too?

    Do these critics take other famous German men of those times and ask whether their fathers ever gave them a beating? No, it’s only used to distort AH’s life and development, and allow free rein to their psycho-babble. The psycho-babble should be attacked.

    P.S. I would also say that Adolf’s mother loved her children, only two remaining out of five she bore. She cared for them dearly and would not have allowed Adolf to be abused. She had plenty of relatives nearby, whom she visited, and could/would have taken Adolf and Paula and gone to them if the Hitler household was an abusive one. I think that is self-evident.

    Another point: Adolf was now the only son Alois could put his hopes in. Alois Jr. was out of the picture, having disappointed his father and left home. Alois wanted the best for Adolf, not to destroy him!

  18. Von Riemann on March 15th, 2011 7:07 pm

    @ Carolyn and Mike …

    I am sorry for loading your blog-comment section with long post {it’s a habit} and sorry for not responding sooner; for I have been busy at my family’s house repairing their computers and spending time away from this multi-cult crime-ridden hellhole. I will keep any post in the future as short as possible for reading… However: If you’re going to talk-crap at me and try and run-me-down over it, then I suggest without being a two-faced hypocrite—that you tell @ [A German] to keep his posts down, because I been following his tags as a listener, when I download the show and his rants/posts are a mile long as mine… I don’t stand for hypocrisy, let alone when I am the one attacked over it during the event the hypocritical action in question!!!

    I came here and posted honest questions, not as mere only facts, but myths, opinions, beliefs, interpretations, etc; outside the links I produce to the contrary!!!

    And yes, my (Mein Kampf) book edition is translated by Ralph Mannheim!!!

    And when I come across the direct quote I will post it! from the book!!!!

  19. Mike Conner on March 15th, 2011 10:10 pm

    @Von Riemann: Thanks for the above. I just deleted a bunch of long winded posts that didn’t add anything of value to this Web site. Going forward, please be constructive and to the point. Edit yourself. No one here feels like wading through incoherent thousand-word diatribes.