The Fighting Side of Me: In Memoriam, David Lynch

March 2, 2011

David Lynch

Paul Fromm pays tribute to White Nationalist leader Dave Lynch of the American Front murdered this morning near Sacramento, California., Lynch led protests of White parents and students in Florida against Negro gangs beating Whites. Lynch, 40, has become a role model for younger White Nationalists.

Fromm wonders why the price of criticizing or even mentioning unfavourably Jews is the loss of one’s job. He comments on the recent meltdown by Charlie Sheen who noted that his producer Chuck Lorre’s real name was Chaim Levine. Mr. Fromm also discusses the firing of Christian Dior lead designer Galliano for comments he made supporting Hitler.

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One Response to “The Fighting Side of Me: In Memoriam, David Lynch”

  1. hosehead on March 5th, 2011 5:26 am

    Hi Paul, towards the end of your show you mention that “any negative reference has to be basically nuked … and the person who utters is, bombed back into the stone age”. To tell the truth, saying that someone’s real name is Heime Levine cannot in any way be construed as a ‘negative reference’. In other words, it is no longer only negative references that agitate the Jewish beehive, but neutral statements as well – they simply cannot be referred to, unless in glowing terms of admiration and subservience. The old idea (yes, I know it’s a non -starter, but unfortunately is the commonly accepted idea) of anti-Semitism being ‘not liking the Jews’, now has morphed into not admiring the Jews – being neutral is, well, no longer neutral, it’s become anti-Semitic. You are either with them, or you are against them. The wisdom of hindsight of course clearly indicates that this evolution was inevitable from the onset.