Jamie Kelso, Mar. 1, 2011

March 1, 2011

The censoring of the tremendous DVD “Ice Age Columbus – Who Were the First Americans?” by the Discovery Channel store opens the Jamie Kelso Show for March 1, 2011. The only copy of Ice Age Columbus that Kelso can find on Amazon now is a single copy going for $130! Kelso and fellow VOR host Stan Hess distributed hundreds of copies of this video masterpiece in which the case for Europeans as the first humans to set eyes upon America is made conclusively. What forces of political correctness were brought to bear on the Discovery Channel to cause the Memory Holing of Dr. Dennis Stanford’s Solutrean Hypothesis? In the second part of this show Jamie Kelso reads things you never knew about President Andrew Johnson, to wit: “As an unabashed champion of the white race, he deserves a closer inspection by Instauration readers.” You can read along in the newly-uploaded March 1988 issue of Instauration with Jamie here, or join the discussion here.

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